Be Indian, Play Indian Games

Did you know that kids spend less than five hours during a week and less than four hours collectively on weekends playing? As parents, we always try to do our utmost best to encourage the spirit of adventure and build imaginative opportunities for our children to go outdoors. To encourage some more participation from kids, here are some traditional Indian games for children.They were designed on the basis of how a child would react to them and how it would apply in real life. Here are 5 best Indian games popular even today.

1-Desi Toys Gili Danda

This game is played with a peg and a stick. It requires extraordinary hand–eye co-ordination. The points that are scored by a striker depends on the actual distance that the Gili falls from the point of striking. One of the most played games, Gili Danda, brings back all the memories of our childhood.

2-Desi Toys Snakes & Ladders

The game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck and is popular with young children. The historic version had roots in morality lessons, where a player’s progression up the board represented a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes). Desi Toys brings this game in Dashavatar theme which connects you to Indian Mythology with 10 awesome stories of Vishnu Avatar/Incarnation.

3-Desi Toys Magnetic Folding Chess

The chess set is made from Indian rosewood, also known as “Sheesham” wood, a hard wood with beautiful natural grains. The chessmen are sized logically to match the size of the chess board and each piece has its own designated storage place within the board. So the chessmen won’t rattle when you carry the game, you do not lose any piece and it’s easy to carry along.It’s the best gift for children because it’s an educational game and sharpens the intelligence.

4-Desi Toys seven stone Lagori game

‘Lagori’ also known as seven stones is one of the oldest and most popular game played in India. The game involves 2 teams with a ball and flat stones/wooden blocks. One team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. This game is full of excitement and fun enjoyed by everyone.

5-Desi Toys Gulel

This classic Slingshot/Catapult toy from 90’s consists of a y-shaped frame held in the off hand, with two rubber strips attached to the uprights. The other ends of the strips lead back to a pocket which holds the projectile. The pocket is grasped by the dominant hand and drawn back to the desired extent to provide power for the projectile. This desi toy is a classic fun game enjoyed by everyone.

Desi Toys intends to bring popular traditional toys/games from across India under one roof and believes in providing only the highest quality Toys & Games to its customers.Toys and games were not only meant to keep children entertained, but also to teach them how to develop their minds and understand what life had in store for them. Unlike the fancy and expensive toys sold in stores today, traditional Indian toys and games were simple and took their inspiration from nature. Visit- for more!

Toys that make best gifts for new born babies

Children are God’s gift. The first few months of a new- born child are extremely crucial. This is the period when the parents are extremely careful with how they handle the child. This period comes as a challenge to every parent, especially first timers. The welcoming of a baby into a household is a joyous event that calls for celebration. However, when it comes to gifting a child, we’re all confused and get into thinking. The usual gifts that get gift wrapped for the baby turn out to be the usual baby powder and oil or diapers. These are albeit, the products that the parents would buy for the baby anyway. Nevertheless, there are a few toys and things that could make the best gifts for newly born babies.

Hand-held toys

Babies are near-sighted. They appreciate anything you can move into their line of sight. They won’t be able to hold toys for a while, but they will definitely demonstrate their preferences by fluttering at the ones they like. They love staring at anything you get close to them. Amuse them with some cute hand held toys that grab their attention!

Music box

Music is one of the best ways to entertain and calm your infant. Playing a variety of music can help achieve this goal. However, make sure you don’t play anything too raucous. Tune into some soothing a refreshing music and see how your infant responds. If you have an MP3, you can get that too. You could also purchase a flute, traditionally called as bansuri and play a few melodious tunes yourself for your infant. Also, seeing mama playing the flute will definitely be the highlight.

Unbreakable mirror

Though babies don’t realize it’s their own image they’re seeing in the mirror, they’re quite fascinated seeing their own reflection. The baby will keep looking at the mirror and observe it by smiling at it every now and then. Look out for a tiny mirror that you can get and hang it on your dressing table. You can also lift your baby and let him take a look at his gorgeous face every now and then. However, make sure this mirror is not breakable, so it doesn’t cause any harm to the baby even if he happens to drop or throw it.

Baby and toys. Image credits -
Baby and toys. Image credits –

Sensory toys

A soft toy that squeaks or makes shrill noises will definitely catch the fancy of infants. The accidental squeaks will also help the baby become aware of what her hand is doing.


Rattles make excellent gifts for new born babies. These make noises that amuse the baby to another level. You can buy amazing rattles in different shapes and sizes coloured beautifully with a traditional touch at Desi Toys. Letting your baby hold a rattle in his hand, will make him feel on top of the world.

Wind chimes

Babies love the sound of soft music, so hang a set of these in a place where they can watch it move and listen to the sound. If the chime is near her crib, your baby may fall into the habit of watching it for a few minutes before drifting to sleep. Hold your baby up once in a while so she can touch the chimes and make the sound herself, too.

These are some of the things that make the best toys for a new born baby. However, anything you gift a baby with love, will help him grow beautifully. So don’t be confused in getting a gift for a new born anymore. We hope this article has helped you. Nevertheless, if you still seem confused, you can simply visit Desi Toys and get some excellent stuff for your new born. We’re sure he’s going to love it!

Instead of scolding, here are better ways of communicating with your children

Kids are playful by nature. They are inquisitive and their mind keeps wandering from one act to another. However, at times they create a ruckus to people around them even unknowingly. In such situation, the parents of the child are always sought to and blamed or complimented, for a child’s behavior in such a scenario. It is true that parents don’t always have to be blamed for the misbehaviors of their child, albeit, parents do play a massive role in how the child’s behavior in shaped. Correction and constructive criticism is a must. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to go overboard, even if it’s done keeping in mind the best intention for the child. There are a few things that are better left unsaid. Or, there could be a few things that are said in a different manner.

Communicating with children
Communicating with children

So here’s a list of things you must try and avoid, or rephrase and put before your child!

The word ‘NO’

Kids are used to hearing the word “NO” far too often. It is always better to rephrase the sentence to an optimistic one.  For e.g.  Instead of saying “no running”, you can say “please walk”. Listening to more positive words instead of negative is the need of the hour.

Good job, kid!

There’s a difference between praise and encouragement. This is undoubtedly one of the most common phrases that kids hear. Instead of using this phrase, try saying things like, ‘You did it’ or ‘You got it’. The ‘you’ word adds a more personal value to the sentence and the child feels motivated to do better and better and therefore excel. You must also acknowledge what they worked for and appreciate their efforts put in. Sometimes you must also show your appreciation by gifting them toys and games that are actually good for their growth and development.

Stop arguing with me

Like we said, children are inquisitive and curious. We cannot stop them from being what they are. Though, we can help them turn it down and be a little less nosy. However, don’t cut off the conversation with your child if he/she is being stubborn. Instead, you can tell them stuff like, “I know you would like if my answer changed, but it will not”. Try to make sure that your child understands your response. Ask them if they have any question or doubt about what you just said. If nothing, you owe them a just clarification. This will also show them your firmness in a situation.  The child is allowed to express their thoughts or concerns and feel validated without an argument.

Wait till I tell your Dad/Other person

This is a very commonly used statement used by Indian parents and even guardians of other origin. This is a horrible statement as it creates fear and anxiety in the minds of the child. Not only that, but it also creates fear towards a particular person in the minds of the child. Secondly, it also shows your triviality and the lack of responsibility to handle the situation on your own. This makes the child start to think that he can act just the way he wants around you. If the child has done something wrong, decide who else is supposed to be told about it. Let the child decide if he wants to her the other respective guardian himself, or he wants you to do it for him.

If you do that once more…

This is another very common phrase that is spoken. This is not only wrong, but also completely unacceptable. This is a threat and no threat is good. It is mentally demeaning. What we say in frustration might not be remembered by us, but the child will always remember that and live in fear. You must be clear and concise instead. Put forth the pros and cons in front of the child. This will help him choose his behavior in a way as to avoid the undesired consequence. For e.g. you can say something like “Riya, if you choose to pinch your sister again, you choose to not watch TV for the rest of the day”. This will let the child know what he/she has to do in order to avoid a particular punishment. This is not threatening and will let the child make decisions for them.

Nevertheless, children are lovely and are in the stage of growing up. They require all your love and encouragement to develop and grow. To show your love and concern and pamper them a little, gift them some really nice traditional Indian board games that are intricately crafted for you and are available exclusively at Desi Toys. You’re not just pampering them, you’re letting them improve their cognitive skills in a fun way!

Create an everlasting bond with your kid this Mother’s Day

Motherhood is never easy. Ask any mother and she’ll tell you why. A mother’s love for her child is unconditional and so we know. However, in this era, it is not only the man who works, but the female who is just as occupied as or maybe even more active than the man. At such times, parents find it difficult to spend quality time with their children as they’re already caught up with so many other things. It is said that the presence of both, the mother and father is important to the growth of the child. We completely agree to this. Nevertheless, it is also true that a mother’s touch is extremely crucial to the child’s mental growth and well-being.

Dear mothers, we understand that you might not be able to spend all your hours with your child. However, here are a few ways that can help you bond with your child, this mother’s day.

Mother kissing her child. Pic Credits - blogger
                                          Mother kissing her child. Pic Credits – blogger

Be there whenever you can

The initial stages of a child’s growth are very important. The first three or four years of your child’s life in particular are the formative years when your child’s brain is rapidly developing, making connections and forming patterns that will last a lifetime. This doesn’t mean you have to be there 24/7, but you must try to spend as much time as you can with your child, so your child knows you are there. Try and make the time to incorporate the child into your world. For example, if your children are young, let them play with toys and games while you go do other chores. Take your kids shopping and if they’re old enough, ask them to check off things on your list. Try bonding with your kids as much as possible. Every moment in the process is going to count. The quantity as well as the quality of time spent together is what truly matters.

Mother and her daughter spending time together. Pic Credit -
Mother and her daughter spending time together. Pic Credit –

Read to your child

Believe it or not, children love when someone reads to them. Listening to the person they love reading out to them is a cherry on the cake. The physical closeness of sitting next to you or being held in your lap is what they love. This will enable them to share full attention in the activity with you. Reading also improves their intellectual skills and helps in their language development. It is something they’ll remember while going up.

Mother Reading to her child. Pic Credits - Hollywood Bangla News
                     Mother Reading out to her child. Pic Credits – Hollywood Bangla News

Play with your child

We all know what children love doing the most. Imagine how much better it would be, if we did what they love the most with them. Play is an important part of their childhood. Engage in games like chess and other traditional Indian board games if your child is a little older. This will not only compensate for their play time, but will also make them sharper by improving their brain, eye and hand co-ordination.  Infants and kids that are under the age of 5 can be given rattles to play with. Desi Toys has a collection of beautiful rattle toys in gorgeous colours that your child will love.

Nurture good communication

The non-verbal cues, the way you gaze into your child’s eyes can tell him a lot about your feelings. Talk to your children in a soothing tone and with a calm mind. Children tend to pick up the way you talk to them. Talk to your child as much as you can. Ask them questions frequently and remember to listen to them and make positive comments. Making eye contact lets your child know you are present. Most of all, tell them that you love them. The more you tell them, the better it is. Love them as much as you can, but also correct them when needed.

Mother playing with her children. Pic Credits - ScoopWhoop
                          Mother playing with her children. Pic Credits – ScoopWhoop

This Mother’s day, don’t let them just wish you, let them hug you and feel your love. If you haven’t done it yet, do it now. It’s better late than never!

Cool indoor games you can play this hot summer

The temperature this summer has left everyone peevish. Every possible living creature finds it hard to adjust to this atrocious climate that has taken us all by storm. The glazing heat has made it extremely torturous to even step out of the house for a couple of hours. We all know of how the sun’s rays hit us the moment we’re out of our comfort zones. In all this mess, the ones that suffer the most are kids. This is the season of fun and folly for all the kids as they get done with their final exams. However, the heat is not being really kind to them. Losing out on their summertime and the fun they should be having is definitely not a good idea. Nevertheless, there are a few games your kids can play indoors and beat the heat in style.

Summer Vacations for kids. Picture Credits -


Shatranj is another name for Chess. Chess was invented in India and was originally called Ashtapada. This is a traditional Indian board game that can be played within the comfort of your homes. This game is not only extremely brainy, but is also a perfect example of play that doesn’t involve contact with the scorching heat outside. Desi Toys has a beautiful set of Shatranj. Get yourself one today!

Shatranj game at Desi Toys
                                               Shatranj game at Desi Toys


This is a fun game in which you can use those left out water bottles or soda cans. Use a simple ball and ask your kids to aim at the bottles in such a way that all the bottles fall down at the same time. To make it more difficult, fill the bottles with water. Keep a scoreboard and then announce the winner at the end. You could also participate with your kids, if you like. This will help build some bonding with your child this summer.

Board Games

Board games have been an indoor favourite to players of all age groups. These include games like snakes and ladders, Choupad etc. From amongst these, the game of snakes and ladders is the most common of all. This game originates from ancient India and is really popular. This game is also called Moksha Patam. Board games have taken a place in every family and can be played by both kids and adults together.

Game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys
                                                  Game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys

Brain teasers

These games have been very popular since times eternal.  Brain teasers are a perfect mix of fun and play. It is of an innovative kind and can be played in your respective homes. Games like Brainvita and Swirl are common examples of brainteasers. The best part about these games is that they’re not only entertaining, but also intelligent. Your kids will love it. This will also boost up their hand and eye coordination. You can also explore many such traditional brainteasers at Desi Toys.

Brain Vita game from Desi Toys
                                                Brain Vita game from Desi Toys

Kitchen Set

This one’s an all-time favourite. The kitchen set has been used by kids ever since. This is an extremely fun game that is played indoors by giving it the title of ghar-ghar. You never know, it might also subconsciously inculcate the love and art for cooking in your kids. Buy your kid a gorgeous cooking set today!

Beautiful Kitchen Set available at Desi Toys
                                Beautiful Kitchen Set available at Desi Toys

These are a few games that your child can indulge in, this summer. So don’t let your child waste his vacation by whining about the heat. Let them not get cranky but creative this summer!

How to choose toys that can be used by children of all age groups?

We cannot deny the fact that children love toys. Toys were always their best friends ever since they came into existence. It’s true that there’s nothing a toy can’t do, when a baby is bitterly crying. If not stop the child from crying completely, it at least reduces the amount of whining the child would otherwise do. However, every child grows up with time and tends to develop different likes and dislikes. It is the same with toys. Once a child grows, he is no longer interested in playing with rattles, but might shift to other games such as a remote controlled car, or a cooking sets. In all this progress, we often forget to choose the right toys for them at the right age.

Babies under age 1

The first three months are really crucial to a baby. The human touch and voice is what they need the most in this time. Rattles and other toys that move and make noises are appropriate for these babies. For Indian parents, the jhunjhuna toys work wonders.

The Jhunjhuna from Desi Toys
                                                The Jhunjhuna from Desi Toys

Toddlers in the age group of 1-3 years

Modeling clay, soft balls, picture books, musical toys, pop-up toys and simple puzzles work best for kids in this age group. This is the time their brain starts to understand the simple things happening in their surroundings. It is a very important period and the toys have to be chosen wisely.

Kids from 4-5 years of age

This is the time to introduce basic board games to the children. Here is when children learn the rules of the games by taking turns. Pick games with simple scoring methods. This will boost the confidence of the child. Books, dress up clothes, simple musical instruments, etc. can also be introduced at this time.

The game of Snakes and Ladder at Desi Toys
                                                The game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys

Children above the age of

This period is a lot like the safe zone. This is the time when children can and are interested in playing with the more complicated games. Games like chess, traditionally known as Shatranj can be taught to a child who seems to be interested in learning the game. The process of brain development takes place at this time. It is advisable to keep them occupied with more fun and physical games, rather than encouraging them to be glued to any electronic devices. Outdoor games and traditional Indian toys will really prove to be beneficial to the child’s physical and psychological growth.

Shatranj game at Desi Toys
                                                  Shatranj game at Desi Toys

If your child has completed the age of 7, he is not technically a baby anymore. He can choose his own games and toys. Nevertheless, as a parent, it is always sensible to supervise what your child does in his play time. Physical exercise and games that enhance one’s growth should always be encouraged. Ask your child to play more outdoor games. If he’s not into outdoor games so much, then you could always buy him some fun yet brainy Indian games that are easily available at Desi Toys. Playtime is very important to the child’s growth. Don’t let this important phase go unobserved!

Easter egg hunt – Everything you need to know about this less known game

We’re all amused by festivals. They bring joy and happiness to our lives. We live in a country which is extremely diverse in nature. The different tribes, languages, religions and practices only make our country an exclusive one. However, apart from all this, there is always a time when everyone comes together by putting aside all the differences they possess. This time is none other than festivals.  India has myriads of fascinating festivals which have been practiced for years now. Occasions like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Navratri etc. are widely celebrated in India. It is a less known fact, that a lot of these festivals have origins of the past and a story to tell.

Girl holding basket full of Easter Eggs. PicCredits - Daily Hive
Girl holding basket full of Easter Eggs. PicCredits – Daily Hive

What is the Easter egg hunt all about?

The upcoming festival is that of Easter. Easter is a festival celebrated by the Christians. Apart from joy and love, it is also characterized by a lot of sweets and toys. We all probably know about Easter, but not everyone knows the fun things that happen in the course of this festival. There is a very famous game that is played during this festival. It is called as the Easter egg hunt. This is a game in which decorated eggs or Easter eggs are hidden for children to find. These eggs are typically dyed or painted and some artificial eggs are made of plastic filled with chocolate, toys or candies. They come in various sizes and shapes and look really beautiful. It is usually an outdoor game, but it can also be played indoors. The children collect these eggs in the basket and when the hunt is over, prizes are given out according to their various achievements. The largest number of eggs collected, the smallest or the largest, the eggs of specific colour etc. are a few areas that get children to win the various prizes.

Origin of the game

The egg was a symbol of the reincarnation of the earth in pre-Christian celebrations of spring. However, the Easter egg itself was defined by early Christians as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. The egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ arose. This tradition dates back to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther who had Easter egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for the women and children. In Germany people would hide coloured eggs about the house and garden. The children would be extremely amused with themselves while discovering them. This game is associated with Easter and Easter eggs traditionally, but it has also been popular with spring time birthday parties.

Indian Easter Eggs. Pic Credits - passoinindia
Indian Easter Eggs. Pic Credits – passoinindia

This game was widely played amongst kids even back then and is still very famous in our own country. In fact, this game has gained immense popularity among kids in India. Eggs are not only filled with sweets and candies, but with a lot of toys and other goodies. If you wish to play this game or make yourself and your friends an Easter egg, you can fill it with sweets and other Indian traditional toys, to give it a desi touch. So how do you plan on celebrating your Easter this year? Decide soon. It’s just a few days away!

How Board Games inculcate the habit of sharing amongst kids

Every parent loves to see their kids share and care together. Children have been brought up by the age old saying ‘sharing is caring’. Though not every child has adhered to this in the best possible way, there are a few things that may seem impossible, but will definitely help implanting the habit of sharing in your child.

What are Board games all about?

We’ve all heard of board games and played with them at least once in our lives. Sadly, today they’re up somewhere lying in the loft with dirt and dust on them. What we don’t know, is that these games play a vital role in keeping the mind active and healthy. Board games comprise of a lot of games like Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Life, Clue, Scrabble, Mancala, and many more. These are the games that help in developing the minds of children, irrespective of their age. People of various age groups play a lot of board games, which are actually fun and beneficial to their mental health. In India, both children and adults make use of amazing traditional Indian toys in their pass time.

Children playing board games. Pic Credits - TheNewInidanExpress
Children playing board games. Pic Credits – TheNewInidanExpress

How these games work

Ever since its inception, there have been myriads of toys in different shapes, sizes and colours. The big advantage about toys is the elimination of the requirement of another person to be present during the play. This, to some extent, makes the child extremely possessive and selfish about his own toy. A lot of toys don’t need multiple players and can be played individually. However, board games tend to work differently. In these games, there is a requirement of two or more players in order to make the game a successful one. In a situation like this, the child is forced to share his game, which he would otherwise be really tightfisted of. This subconsciously caters to the habit of sharing, as the child starts to understand the significance of teamwork and team spirit.  Nothing happens single handedly in the world of fun and play. Board games teach us exactly what we need to learn.

Child focusing on a game of chess. Pic credits -
Child focusing on a game of chess. Pic credits –

In games like Chess, traditionally known as Shatranj, the chessboard is laid out and the chess pieces are arranged the same way each time. By far, this game is considered to be the best in terms of giving a person’s mental health a boost and improving cognitive thinking. This game is restricted to two players at a time. Other games like snakes and ladders, monopoly, and checkers can use multiple players.

So friends, this is why you must get those board games out of your loft, dust them and start making use of the treasure it holds. If you don’t own one, you can buy gorgeous traditional Indian board games that are easily available online at Desi Toys.

Indian New Year – Welcoming Spring and Celebrating Novelty

In India, festivals are closely knit with the nature and environment. Being an agrarian society, every aspect of lives was related to the nature and natural phenomena. So spring, i.e. Vasant season is the time when the trees start gaining a new bloom and fruits. It means that the Earth is creating a new life. Hence, this is the day when New Year in many Indian communities is celebrated.

New Year and different names and celebrations

Though Gudi Padwa is a major festival for Maharashtrians as a new year and an auspicious day, it is also celebrated amongst many other communities as the end of a Rabi (winter crop) harvest season.

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is celebrated in Maharashtra as a first day of the new month of the first year of Chaitra month of Indian lunar calendar. According to the mythological references, this is the day when Lord Brahma created the universe. On this day, it is a custom to start a day by eating neem chutney or including it in the menu of the day. It is because of the medicinal properties of neem & jiggery that help you keep immune from many diseases. It is also a symbolism that indicates – start the New Year on a bitter note so that it gives you strength to fight the challenges that come your way all the year.

Sachin Tendulkar celebrating Gudhi Padwa. Image credits -
Sachin Tendulkar celebrating Gudhi Padwa. Image credits –

Gudhi – a bamboo stick with a silk cloth and silver / copper pot is erected outside the house or in balconies (in urban areas).  It is decorated with flower garlands and sweets. It represents victory of Ram over Ravan. Gudhi is also called as Indradhwaj – the flag of Indra.

Gudi Padwa is also one of the Three & a half most auspicious days in Maharashtrian culture when generally new things are bought.

Samvastar Padwo

Also called as Samsar Padvo – this is celebrated in Goa and Konkani people of Karnataka. It is a New Year day and celebrated with pomp and marked by various sweet dishes and special family meals.

Important part of Yugadi / Ugadi. Neem & Jaggery. Image credits -
Important part of Yugadi / Ugadi. Neem & Jaggery. Image credits –


Yugadi, also called as Uagdi / samvastaradi is a new year’s day celebrated in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana by Kannada and Telugu communities. Ugadi Pachadi is a special festive dish made on this day.

Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand is a second day of Chaitra month of Hindu calendar and celebrated amongst the Sindhi community of India and Pakistan as a New Year day. Chet means Chaitra in Sindhi language and the festival is celebrated to mark the birth of their patron deity – Jhulelal.

Sajibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba

Sajibu Nongma Pānba / Meetei Cheiraoba / Sajibu Cheiraoba, is the lunar New Year festival of the people from Manipur who are the followers of Sanamahism religion. The name is derived from the Manipuri words: Sajibu – the first month of the year. Nongma – first date of a Month. It is a feast day that starts with worshipping the patron deity and preparing the special meals. The men of the house cook the food while women assist them.


Nyepi is a New Year day of Saka year celebrated by Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. It is observed as a day of meditation and self-discovery. It is a festival that preaches simplicity and no celebrations take place on this day. It is a public holiday in Bali and also called as a day of silence.

It is very interesting to know that how nature fosters the celebrations for human since the beginning of the time. Let’s all take part in this celebration of our culture and new years.

8 ways to prevent exam stress from messing with you

Exams are something that always sends jitters to a student’s body, irrespective of what age group the student belongs to or the subject that’s coming up. Exam stress may sound very normal, but it can do some serious damage to the body. It is usually accompanied by heart racing, stomach cramps, insomnia and loss of appetite or over-eating. Stress is something which can not only do physical damage, but can also seriously alter your motivational levels. However, there are a few types of stress which are actually considered good for the body. Nevertheless, stress is not something that should be taken lightly. Every student who aims to achieve great things in life will experience stress. It’s an inescapable part of student life that needs to be combatted with a tough mind and spirit.

Student extremely stressed out because of exams. Pic Credits: Hotcourses abroad
Student extremely stressed out because of exams. Pic Credits: Hotcourses abroad

In order to do so, you need to first understand that there are a lot of reasons that can lead to stress. Once you know the reason, you can then work on them individually, so as to cope with each one of them with ease. Taking some time off your study and playing with board games can help sharpen cognitive processes.  There are quite a few other ways that help you push stress aside and help you concentrate on your learning goals.

  1. Early Studying

It is always advisable to start studying as soon as your teacher announces the exam dates. Before that, read through your notes after each class to make sure you understand them.  Re-write these notes in your own words so as to get a better understanding about them. Prepare yourself by listing down questions that your teacher might ask during an exam. Write the questions down and try answering them after your class has ended. This will make your studying process a lot easier.

2. Manage your time well

Getting everything done in the last moment doesn’t always work. A lot of students wait until the end to start studying when they’re already panicking about the approaching exam dates. Plan the hours you wish to utilize for your study time and use the other time to relax. Munch on mid-snacks in between and pick a time that is best suitable for you. See to it that you’re not surrounded by distractions when you’re studying.

3. Stay healthy

Eating well and exercising, especially during these times, can go a long way in combatting stress. Junk foods can cause serious harm to your body and also increase acidity. Eating healthy food will help you feel better and give you the energy you need. Sleep is also very important. Good sleep helps you remember all that you’ve learned.

4. Practice makes perfect

Ask for a test and if you don’t have one, then make one for yourself. Sit down in a group and try answering these questions with your friends. Also, grade each other depending upon their answers. This motivates you do better and answer the questions correctly.

Children doing a few breathing exercises. Pic Credits: The Art of Living Foundation
Children doing a few breathing exercises. Pic Credits: The Art of Living Foundation

5. Try a few relaxation techniques

Think about what kind of stress you’re feeling. If you feel like venting out your anxiety by penning it down on paper, then do it. If you get a negative thought, try replacing it with a positive one. Taking a few deep breaths can really help reduce anxiety and levels of stress to a huge extent. Skill based toys and games help you relax and also prove to be beneficial.

6. Envision victory

Think of how you would feel once you’ve got all your answers right. Think about how happy you’ll be when you’re the shining star in the class. Imagine an A+ on your paper and the happiness on the face of your loved ones. Don’t just envision, work towards it.

7. Talk it out

Everyone needs someone to talk to. If you feel like you’re in a fix, then talk it out to someone who will hear what you have to say patiently. It may be a teacher, parent, guardian or a counselor. This will help you understand where you’re going wrong and allocate time efficiently.

8. Take the exam

Once you get your question and answer sheet, go through them thoroughly and read the instructions on the question paper. This will also help you time yourself for each question that you have to answer. Attempt the question that you know the answers to, so that you’re sure to get marks for them. Take your time but don’t waste time procrastinating. Stay back till the end of the exam if needed. There are chances that you remember answers to a few question that you didn’t remember.

If you use these techniques, you are sure to cope with stress easily and overcome all anxiety by passing out with flying colours just like the colorful Indian traditional toys.