Desi Toys Classic pocket toys, impulse fun toys, Majedar khilone

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Product Code: Desi Toys Classic pocket toys, impulse fun toys, Majedar khilone
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This pack of 5 toys consists of nail bottom spinning top, Finger top,  magic top, Spinner and whistle. Nail bottom top spins rapidly with the aid of a string rope coiled around its axis which when pulled quickly, sets it in motion. Finger top  and Magic top are also spinning tops which when set in motion by a simple twist of  fingers, will  start spinning. Magic top will even turn upside down automatically and spin. Wooden toys Whistle with bright colors  makes it look very attractive. Spinner is a toy which when twisted with strings and pulled outward and then  inward from both ends works with rhythmic tensions on the strings. The Nail bottom spinning top  measuring 3"x1.5"x1.5" comes with a cord/string.  The spinner is 2.4" in diameter , whistle is 2.8"x1.4"x1.8".   Finger top measures 1.6"x1.6"x1.8" and the magic top measures 1.2"x1.2"x1.6". Bright colours make them look very attractive when they spin. No batteries or electronic parts, just old-fashioned know-how and intelligent design. This fun pack of 5 toys comes from 'Desi Toys' enjoyed by everyone

8 and Above Yes
5 to 7 Yes
Multicolour Yes

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