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About Us

The Ultimate Destination of  Authentic& Traditional Indian Toys and Games

DESI TOYS is a creation of Swapna  Wagh, that’s Me. My childhood love for traditional toys and games along with the passion for exposing today’s children who are being robbed of the wonders our country has to offer with its rich collection of toys and games made me take this leap forward.

The Joy of Spinning a Top,

The Thrill of playing Snakes and Ladders,

Arranging the miniature Cooking Set,

Listening to the sweet sound of rattles,

Dragging the wooden Train while taking baby steps,

Seeing the Yo-Yo jump back and forth,

Aiming for the Marbles and much more is back……..


These Desi Toys  have stood the test of time making them so popular even today. We at ‘Desi Toys’ are very proud of the high quality toys that we offer. We have spent a great deal of time and resources ensuring they are not just fun toys & games but also durable and safe.

Desi Toys will make an awesome Gift. Even you can relive your childhood days and play with your little ones telling them stories of how you enjoyed playing these ‘Desi Toys’. So come and spend your playtime Desi style.

We hope our toys continue to create lasting fun memories always.

Swapna Wagh

Founder-Desi Toys