Tips to take care of your wooden toys

Indian wooden toys. Image credits - Pinterest

For us, toys are not just the objects. We have our sweet memories attached to them. And the feelings that our loved ones have shared with us on those gifting occasion. Even though wooden toys are sturdy, over the years of extensive use, they might get ruined. It’s important to take good care of them so they retain their charm. Also, cleaning the toys is important from the hygiene point of view. Kids share the toys with their friends and can carry germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning will help avoid it.

Wooden toys. Image credits -
Wooden toys. Image credits –

Here are some tips that can come handy while taking care of the wooden toys –

  1. Never put wooden toys in the water; to clean or otherwise. Even if the wood is finished well and coated with a thick layer of colour, the wood can soak up the water can gradually lead to cracks. Instead, you can just wipe them with wet cloth or brush.
  2. While drying the toys, do not leave them in a direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colours to fade and long exposure to the sunlight and air might damage the wood.
  3. Wood is porous, so always clean the wooden toys by spraying the solution on them, wiping them with a cloth and then letting those air dry in a shade. Below mentioned are some cleaning solutions you can make at home to clean the toys-

a. Vinegar

Mix water and vinegar, both in an equal quantity and store it in a spray bottle. Clean the wooden toys using this spray. It’s okay if you don’t clean the toys with water again but make sure they are dried well before using them to play.

b. Bleach

Mix bleach and water in 1:10 ratio and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray this on a cloth and use it to clean the wooden toys. But beware, bleach is toxic. So clean the toys with water without fail, after wiping with the bleach solution. let the toys dry completely before letting the kids use them again.

c. Mild soap

Use any mild soap (baby shampoo, anti-bacterial liquid etc) with water and wipe down the toys using this solution. Do not let the residue stay on the toy. So wipe them clean before putting to play again. It’s better if the soap solution has a nice fragrance.

4. The wood has natural moisture in it and it needs to be replenished. Otherwise, it might develop cracks if it gets dry. You can retain the moisture by polishing the toys using natural oils or wax. If you’re using wax, make sure it’s non-toxic variant. Natural oils are always better. Keep the oil so long that it gets time to soak up in the wood.

5. If there are any rough / sharp / broken edges on a toy, smooth them out using a sandpaper so that it doesn’t hurt the kids.

We know you love your age old toys as much as we do. So above was a little helping hand from us to take care of those better. If you love traditional Indian toys, visit We’re sure you’ll love it.

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  1. These wooden toys can help children education, entertainment, independent thinking, developing memory skills and imagination. These toys are the best gifts for your toddlers. Thanks sharing.

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