5 Ways in which the 20’s kids are missing the old-school fun

How awesome were those times when we used to return from school, have our lunch and play with our barbie dolls and hot wheels? We had no worries about how many likes our facebook display got or what caption to put on our newest Instagram post. 90’s kids will never actually forget playing board games like Life and Monopoly. So let’s take a look at 5 ways in which today’s generation are actually missing the old school fun.

  1. Reality shows replaced Disney sitcoms
Cartoon Network in 90s. Image credits - animationxpress.com
Cartoon Network in 90s. Image credits – animationxpress.com

Our lunch and snacks timings were scheduled to coincide with our favourite shows like Karishma ka Karishma, Shakalaka boom boom, Dhoom machaao Dhoom and much more. But these epic shows are now conveniently replaced by Roadies and Splitsvilla. Kids are more concerned about who’ll get dumped next or who will be the next wild card entry.

2. Play Makeup got replaced with Lakme and Colorbar

Girl with a play make up set. Image credits - i.ebayimg.com
Girl with a play make up set. Image credits – i.ebayimg.com

When we were 15, we had no idea about how to apply the right foundation base or from which brand should we buy the new matte lipstick. Remember our mum used to buy us little play makeup kits? Everything was plastic but the fun of getting ready using that set was unbelievable.

3. Apps replaced outdoor activities

Indian kids playing gilli danda. Image - traditionalgames.weebly.com
Indian kids playing gilli danda. Image – traditionalgames.weebly.com

20’s kids spend hours glued to their iPads and iPhones screens. Gone are the days of rushing home from school only to finish lunch quickly and spend hours playing cricket in the scorching sun. Not one communication device and we still never had issues getting in touch with each other.


4. Local bookstores and libraries became a thing of the past

Little boy in a library. Image credits - bbcimg.co.uk
Little boy in a library. Image credits – bbcimg.co.uk

How thrilled we used to be when our friends used to gift us novels and poetry books? Fancy bookmarks were a thing. Now we have the Kindle which conveniently holds more books than you’ll ever be able to read. The excitement of visiting the new bookstore in the neighbourhood remains no more.

5. Analogue? What’s that!

Cassette and pencil. Image credits - raehenrycoaching.files.wordpress.com
Cassette and pencil. Image credits – raehenrycoaching.files.wordpress.com

90’s kids are the ones who have witnessed the complete shift from the analogue to the digital world. Kids these days will never understand the fun of using a pencil to rewind a tape cassette or the joy of getting connected to the internet after so many failed attempts and listening to the annoying sound of the modems.


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5 easy ways to make your child deal with the playground bullying in a right way

Playtime was one of the most favourite part of our childhood. That’s why getting a call from your friend at the exact time and rushing downstairs was so exciting. Everyone remembers playing lagori, langdi, cricket,chor police and many other games right? However, there used to be one person or at least a group of guys/girls who used to ruin it. We are referring to the bullies or bullying in general.

A bully is a person who tries hard to intimidate someone, usually younger than his age or size.

This is done to get control of someone or to influence him/her into doing something or just for mere entertainment. Bullying is a thing which should not be avoided but acted upon by parents of both the parties. However, the way to handle ground bullies certainly depends on each specific situation.

Here are a few steps parents should follow in order to make their child handle such situations.

1. Never advise your kids to avoid them

You may think that teaching your child to avoid such situations can be safe but that’s not right . Also, this will mislead them. Running away from any conflict is not the option. You’ve to understand that this won’t stop the bully.

2. Understand that it’s not their fault

Being bullied by someone is not a pleasant situation. It can make your kid go into depression or withdraw from any social contact. Parents should take the responsibility to make their kids understand that it’s not their fault. It is the bully who is using his powers to dominate. It is also not something to be upset or be nervous about. Give your kid the confidence to believe in themselves and to be strong.

3. Have a talk with the parent or guardian.

This is the step that parents should take. Having a direct meet with the parent of the kid can solve the problem to some level. However, this step will be successful only if the parent is understanding and advise his child to not misbehave. If this does not work;

Let the children know that bullying or getting bullied is not right. Image credits - mimiadeyemi.com
Let the children know that bullying or getting bullied is not right. Image credits – mimiadeyemi.com

4. Talk with the kid yourself

When you’re dealing with the bully, you’ve to be firm and also not too harsh. Try to explain them why bullying is not the right thing to do and also warn them to not continue with his misbehaviour.

5. Ask your kid to fight back

By this, we do not mean actual fighting. You have to understand that even as a parent, you cannot be with your child 24X7. Teach your child to be gutsy in front of the bully. They normally target weaklings and those whom they can command easily. So educate your kid to fight back and not run away.

Bullying is a behaviour which should not be followed or avoided by anyone. Even if you see someone getting bullied, you should support and help them get out of the situation.

How role-playing games help in development of children

Child development is a beautiful yet very tricky process. It involves a lot of smart and careful moves as well as patience so that the child learns  things slowly and steadily. However, teaching anything to the kids is hard and parents constantly need to find a creative and fun way to impart the skills. One of those is learning social skills.

A lot of people forget that role-playing & pretend plays help kids pick-up the social skills much faster and in an easier way. This is how role-playing pretend games help in the development of the children.

The development is generally divided into cognitive, social and physical. Social development facilitates both cognitive and physical development.

Communication skills

Role play games involve verbal & non-verbal communication. So when the kids take part in the dramatic plays and role-play games, they practice and copy the words that they hear. Along with that, children become aware that for participating in the game, they need to listen to be able to follow the game. Thus, it encourages listening and communication skills. And of course, the art of conversation.

Social Skills

Role play and pretend games are social acts. It’s a well-known fact that children’s success in school depends on their ability to interact well with their friends and teachers. When children come together to play the game that involves lot of imagination, they negotiate roles and different terms with a mutual understanding. This helps children to develop the socializing and co-operation skills.

Cognitive Skills

Role-play games and pretend plays involves children recalling the pictures in their mind they have seen before. It may involve parents cooking or driving or a doctor treating the patient. This helps children in their observing and discovering skills. It helps children to build problem-solving techniques.

Physical Development 

In role-play games for children, they have to pretend to be someone else. It helps their fine motor skills. Right from the character’s body language to the work that character might be doing. It also builds hand-eye coordination. At Desi Toys, we have various toys that help develop the same abilities.

These games have always been a part of traditional Indian childhood, for example games like khel-pani, ghar-ghar, and Bhatukali. We offer variety of toys to aid  for the better development of your children. Check them out at www.desitoys.in