Ideas to make Navratri a lot more fun for kids

Navratri heralds the arrival of the festive season in India and this is one such festival which is celebrated in different ways across the country. Talking to your children about the unique festivities in different states of India during the nine days of Navratri can be a chapter on Indian culture and traditions for them but we found some more interesting ways to make Navratri a lot more fun for the kids.

  • Storytelling – Take thkids through the mythological stories that celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil. There is no better way to educate your kids about the significance of  Navratri than reading out to them.

  • Diya making – Children across age–groups will enjoy this clay play activity the most. All you need is some clay and colours to mold the diyas. Handmade diyas have a special charm especially if they are made by little hands.

  • Making a Ravana effigy – Dussehra is a culmination of the nine-day Navratri festival and celebrated by burning the effigy of Ravana to signify the victory of good over evil. How about making a Ravana effigy at home using recycled or waste materials? This simple DIY craft activity is a wonderful activity to engage the kids while you are busy with other preparations for the festival.

  • Dandiya making – Kids will enjoy making their own dandiya props. Rolls of old newspapers put together as sticks, once dry, kids can paint them or decorate them in their favourite colours.

  • Navratri printable – A Mata ki chowki in the north, garba dance in Gujarat, Durga Pooja in Bengal and in the south the exhibition of gods called Golu (Click to buy some awesome miniature toys for Golu display), the distinct styles of celebrating Navratri across the various regions of India is the perfect geography & cultural lesson for kids. Take a map of India and ask the kids to place the images of food, clothes, idols in the corresponding region.

Indian festivals provide a good opportunity for parents to introduce children to India’s rich culture and traditions. Let’s make it more fun for kids by involving them in the celebrations.


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