Importance of skill based toys for children

Children learn as they playMost importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” – O.Fred Donaldson.

Now that we know that playing is important for children, here is another key factor that plays a big role in making playtime more meaningful for children and that is the choice of toys which you buy for them. Yes! Toys can be more than just fun and games for kids. If chosen wisely toys can offer a great opportunity for children to develop early childhood skills.

Well, there are a variety of toys available in the market to choose from, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a skill-based toy over any other toy for your child:

  • Skill based toys help develop gross motor & fine motor skills: These are the first set of skills that a child develops in the initial years. Gross motar skills refers to the ability to make movements like rolling, crawling, jumping, running, balancing in different positions, walking in a straight line and following objects. Toys like activity mats, push and pull toys, wooden blocks, shape sorters, puzzles, stacking toys are some of the toys designed to help children develop and work on their gross and fine mortar skills.



  • Skill based toys work on soft skills of your child: As per google, soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person’s ‘EQ’ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). In simple words, it refers to teaching kids how to share, how to work in a team, how to make friends, how to respond to a particular situation, how to deal with their emotions, etc. In fact, social skills for kids are ongoing life lessons. Toys such as board games, pretend play sets like puppets, sports games, building blocks are all versatile toys that apart from helping to strengthen other areas of development, provide an outlet for children to work together, share and communicate to complete a goal or task thereby working on their social skills.




  • Skill based toys help improve cognitive skills: Strategy board games, Memory games, card games are tools to help your child develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking, sequencing and how to make decisions. These are important life skills that can be developed by choosing the right toy for your children.




4)Skill based toys can also help develop creative skills: Drawing sets, playing with colours, playdough, DIY kits are toys that work on your child’s imagination and help them think creatively using different textures and mediums.



5) Skill based toys can be used to promote early literacy skills in children: Picture books, flashcards, storytelling kits, number construction sets are the best toys that help your child to recognize alphabet, numbers and set the foundation for developing their vocabulary skills early on.



While choosing a skill-based toy is surely a good way to help your child learn while he/she plays and develop essential childhood skills, it is also important that you as a parent spend good quality time and play with them, as for a parent that is definitely one of the best ways to bond with child and to relive childhood days!

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10 Best Rainy Day DIY Indoor Activities to keep the Kids entertained!

So what do your kids do on a rainy day? The weather is gloomy and the temptation to turn on the idiot box is really high. Well, the fact is when you have kids at home, as a parent you always need to maintain a list of top-of mind fun activities that will keep your kids busy and help you wash away those rainy day blues!

From art & craft to simple science experiments that kids can do on their own using home supplies. Here is the list of 10 best indoor activities to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day.

1)   Make an art journal: Turn an old book into an art portfolio, where kids can create and save their favourite drawings. Your kids will enjoy going through this book over and over again.

2)   Design a greeting card: Because greeting cards are never out of fashion and it is a great way for kids to showcase their creativity and express their emotions towards their loved ones.

3)   Make your own treasure box: It is not so difficult to find an old cardboard box in the house, all you need for this is colours and a paint brush to give the old cardboard box a new look. Kids can decorate it with glitter, buttons, pearls and other tiny craft items available at home.

4)   Button craft : Another craft item you can easily find at home. Create a button tree, letters, cars – the possibilities are endless.

5)   Try origami: Folding paper is an art and with a little bit of practice your kids can easily master a few easy- to- make origami objects and flaunt their newly acquired skills to their friends.

6)   DIY slime: Children across age group love to make slime and it is one activity that will keep them happily engaged for long hours.

7)   Homemade play dough : The internet is filled with many tried and tested recipes to make you own play dough at home. Make it in bulk as it can be stored, so you can enjoy guaranteed peaceful afternoons.

8)   Frozen water balloons : A simple activity that never fails to amuse the kids. Fill the balloons with tap water, if you want you can add coloured water, tie the ends and put them in the refrigerator. Remove after an hour and watch the kids having some cool fun!

9)   Make a calming jar: As the name suggests, calming jars work as a relaxation or a ‘time out ‘ tool during temper tantrums for kids. Observing the movement of glitter and sparkly objects settle down to the base when you shake the jar, has a soothing effect on the mind. Try it! 

10)   Play a board game : Playing a board game is one of the best way to spend time with kids. While the options are many, we recommend to go for the traditional boardgames that work on your child’s visual recognition, strategy and social skills as well as hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.  Click here to order your favourite board game


Happy rainy days!






Cool indoor games you can play this hot summer

The temperature this summer has left everyone peevish. Every possible living creature finds it hard to adjust to this atrocious climate that has taken us all by storm. The glazing heat has made it extremely torturous to even step out of the house for a couple of hours. We all know of how the sun’s rays hit us the moment we’re out of our comfort zones. In all this mess, the ones that suffer the most are kids. This is the season of fun and folly for all the kids as they get done with their final exams. However, the heat is not being really kind to them. Losing out on their summertime and the fun they should be having is definitely not a good idea. Nevertheless, there are a few games your kids can play indoors and beat the heat in style.

Summer Vacations for kids. Picture Credits -


Shatranj is another name for Chess. Chess was invented in India and was originally called Ashtapada. This is a traditional Indian board game that can be played within the comfort of your homes. This game is not only extremely brainy, but is also a perfect example of play that doesn’t involve contact with the scorching heat outside. Desi Toys has a beautiful set of Shatranj. Get yourself one today!

Shatranj game at Desi Toys
                                               Shatranj game at Desi Toys


This is a fun game in which you can use those left out water bottles or soda cans. Use a simple ball and ask your kids to aim at the bottles in such a way that all the bottles fall down at the same time. To make it more difficult, fill the bottles with water. Keep a scoreboard and then announce the winner at the end. You could also participate with your kids, if you like. This will help build some bonding with your child this summer.

Board Games

Board games have been an indoor favourite to players of all age groups. These include games like snakes and ladders, Choupad etc. From amongst these, the game of snakes and ladders is the most common of all. This game originates from ancient India and is really popular. This game is also called Moksha Patam. Board games have taken a place in every family and can be played by both kids and adults together.

Game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys
                                                  Game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys

Brain teasers

These games have been very popular since times eternal.  Brain teasers are a perfect mix of fun and play. It is of an innovative kind and can be played in your respective homes. Games like Brainvita and Swirl are common examples of brainteasers. The best part about these games is that they’re not only entertaining, but also intelligent. Your kids will love it. This will also boost up their hand and eye coordination. You can also explore many such traditional brainteasers at Desi Toys.

Brain Vita game from Desi Toys
                                                Brain Vita game from Desi Toys

Kitchen Set

This one’s an all-time favourite. The kitchen set has been used by kids ever since. This is an extremely fun game that is played indoors by giving it the title of ghar-ghar. You never know, it might also subconsciously inculcate the love and art for cooking in your kids. Buy your kid a gorgeous cooking set today!

Beautiful Kitchen Set available at Desi Toys
                                Beautiful Kitchen Set available at Desi Toys

These are a few games that your child can indulge in, this summer. So don’t let your child waste his vacation by whining about the heat. Let them not get cranky but creative this summer!

How to choose toys that can be used by children of all age groups?

We cannot deny the fact that children love toys. Toys were always their best friends ever since they came into existence. It’s true that there’s nothing a toy can’t do, when a baby is bitterly crying. If not stop the child from crying completely, it at least reduces the amount of whining the child would otherwise do. However, every child grows up with time and tends to develop different likes and dislikes. It is the same with toys. Once a child grows, he is no longer interested in playing with rattles, but might shift to other games such as a remote controlled car, or a cooking sets. In all this progress, we often forget to choose the right toys for them at the right age.

Babies under age 1

The first three months are really crucial to a baby. The human touch and voice is what they need the most in this time. Rattles and other toys that move and make noises are appropriate for these babies. For Indian parents, the jhunjhuna toys work wonders.

The Jhunjhuna from Desi Toys
                                                The Jhunjhuna from Desi Toys

Toddlers in the age group of 1-3 years

Modeling clay, soft balls, picture books, musical toys, pop-up toys and simple puzzles work best for kids in this age group. This is the time their brain starts to understand the simple things happening in their surroundings. It is a very important period and the toys have to be chosen wisely.

Kids from 4-5 years of age

This is the time to introduce basic board games to the children. Here is when children learn the rules of the games by taking turns. Pick games with simple scoring methods. This will boost the confidence of the child. Books, dress up clothes, simple musical instruments, etc. can also be introduced at this time.

The game of Snakes and Ladder at Desi Toys
                                                The game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys

Children above the age of

This period is a lot like the safe zone. This is the time when children can and are interested in playing with the more complicated games. Games like chess, traditionally known as Shatranj can be taught to a child who seems to be interested in learning the game. The process of brain development takes place at this time. It is advisable to keep them occupied with more fun and physical games, rather than encouraging them to be glued to any electronic devices. Outdoor games and traditional Indian toys will really prove to be beneficial to the child’s physical and psychological growth.

Shatranj game at Desi Toys
                                                  Shatranj game at Desi Toys

If your child has completed the age of 7, he is not technically a baby anymore. He can choose his own games and toys. Nevertheless, as a parent, it is always sensible to supervise what your child does in his play time. Physical exercise and games that enhance one’s growth should always be encouraged. Ask your child to play more outdoor games. If he’s not into outdoor games so much, then you could always buy him some fun yet brainy Indian games that are easily available at Desi Toys. Playtime is very important to the child’s growth. Don’t let this important phase go unobserved!

How Board Games inculcate the habit of sharing amongst kids

Every parent loves to see their kids share and care together. Children have been brought up by the age old saying ‘sharing is caring’. Though not every child has adhered to this in the best possible way, there are a few things that may seem impossible, but will definitely help implanting the habit of sharing in your child.

What are Board games all about?

We’ve all heard of board games and played with them at least once in our lives. Sadly, today they’re up somewhere lying in the loft with dirt and dust on them. What we don’t know, is that these games play a vital role in keeping the mind active and healthy. Board games comprise of a lot of games like Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Life, Clue, Scrabble, Mancala, and many more. These are the games that help in developing the minds of children, irrespective of their age. People of various age groups play a lot of board games, which are actually fun and beneficial to their mental health. In India, both children and adults make use of amazing traditional Indian toys in their pass time.

Children playing board games. Pic Credits - TheNewInidanExpress
Children playing board games. Pic Credits – TheNewInidanExpress

How these games work

Ever since its inception, there have been myriads of toys in different shapes, sizes and colours. The big advantage about toys is the elimination of the requirement of another person to be present during the play. This, to some extent, makes the child extremely possessive and selfish about his own toy. A lot of toys don’t need multiple players and can be played individually. However, board games tend to work differently. In these games, there is a requirement of two or more players in order to make the game a successful one. In a situation like this, the child is forced to share his game, which he would otherwise be really tightfisted of. This subconsciously caters to the habit of sharing, as the child starts to understand the significance of teamwork and team spirit.  Nothing happens single handedly in the world of fun and play. Board games teach us exactly what we need to learn.

Child focusing on a game of chess. Pic credits -
Child focusing on a game of chess. Pic credits –

In games like Chess, traditionally known as Shatranj, the chessboard is laid out and the chess pieces are arranged the same way each time. By far, this game is considered to be the best in terms of giving a person’s mental health a boost and improving cognitive thinking. This game is restricted to two players at a time. Other games like snakes and ladders, monopoly, and checkers can use multiple players.

So friends, this is why you must get those board games out of your loft, dust them and start making use of the treasure it holds. If you don’t own one, you can buy gorgeous traditional Indian board games that are easily available online at Desi Toys.