This Republic Day, Be Indian, Play Indian

This Republic day introduce your kids to some traditional Indian games from ‘Desi Toys’  that are  made with the passion of exposing today’s children who are being robbed of the wonders our country has to offer with it’s rich collection of skill based toys and games!

Recreate fun memories with your little ones with these 10 ‘Desi Toys’ that are ‘Made in  India’ 

1) Spinning Top: Another simple activity toy from India  that promises hours of fun and engagement as spinning the ‘lattu’ is an art, it will keep the kids hooked till they master it and once they have they will love to show off their newly acquired skill! Click here to get this for your kids or gift this to your loved ones!

2)  2 in 1 Strategy Board Game Goats and Tigers / Bagh Bakri  & Dashavatar Snakes & Ladders:The mythological story themes are a great way to let kids connect with Indian culture and this game is based on the mythological story of Goddess Kali and Mahishasura and involves hunting the opponents and blocking their moves making them immobile. Clubbed with  this game is the all- time favourite – Snakes and Ladders with 10 stories which is available at Rs.299 with  additional festive special discount! Check here

3)  Gili Danda:A game that is now become a memory from the ’90s, when kids could be seen in every gully of rural India and smaller towns playing this outdoor game that required nothing but two wooden stick to score points. While the kids today have the polished version as Cricket, here is a chance to revisit those wonderful childhood years as the Gili Danda set is available at  Desi Toys! Excited? Click here to order it right away!

4) Chess/Satranj-Magnetic: The game of chess is over 1300 years old and is one of oldest and the most popular game in the world. The game originated in India and evolved from the Indian game Chaturanga, meaning four units of an army. The Magnetic folding chess by ‘Desi Toys’ is a  perfect travel companion for chess lovers which will keep all the chessmen rooted on the chess board unless you make your move! Shop here

5) Solitaire/ Buddhijaal:An ancient game which is  handcrafted to hone problem-solving and concentration skills, this game is evergreen across all age groups! The game board made of Sheesham wood with  marbles involves getting rid of all the marbles except one. A game that never goes out of style! Buy it here

6) 2 in 1  Board Game Chauka Bara & Tic Tac Toe:Call it Chauka Bara, the game has taught us that fate could change in a roll of a dice! This is primarily a game of chance but involves thinking and planning. It is an interesting and fun way to develop strategy skills. This game is available as a combo set with Tic Tac Toe – another favourtie of kids! Click here to order – avail the discount offer too!


7) Steam Boat:Shop for this tiny steamboat and watch your little ones enjoy themselves watching the boat go around in the water tub. This tiny steamboat is a happy flashback from your childhood years. Don’t believe us yet? Get one for your kids and see for yourself! Priced at just Rs 149, this is our best-seller –shop here!

8) 2 in 1 Strategy Board Game Nine Men Morris/ Nav kankari & Pachisi:A wonderful combination of two ancient games from India, this pack contains Nine Men Morris/ Nav Kankari where players place 3 coins vertically or horizontally.  Pachisi is another ancient racing Board game. This game can be played by two to four player. Each player has to roll the dice and make moves towards ‘Home’. The first player to get all his 4 pawns into the ‘Home’ is the winner. Priced at just Rs 299,  this pack is a great birthday party return gift for kids! To avail discount, Order here

9) Cup And Gola:Ditch those foreign-made games, this activity toy is one of the best tool to develop hand-eye coordination in children. The game consists of a small wooden ball connected to the handle of the cup by a string. The main goal of the game is to get the ball into the cup. Play some cool 1 minute games with this toy. Shop here

10) Seven Stones/Lagori:How can we end this list without mentioning this game? The game also called Pithoo  in some parts of India,  has a ball and a pile of flat stones and is played between two teams in a large outdoor area. Here is the best part, any number of people can play it! One team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. Easy to store and carry, this is a wonderful outdoor game for kids! Buy the stack of Lagori set here

Playing is the best way of learning! So go ahead, enjoy your Republic Day playing some traditional games from India, help kids learn more about our rich history and culture while you enjoy some moments of childhood nostalgia playing these games again!


10 outdoor fun games to stay fit for today’s tech savvy generation

Recently our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Fit India’ Movement’ urging people to create time for physical activity in their daily regime. He also highlighted the importance of playing outdoor sports to break away from the habit of following a sedentary lifestyle. As parents, we can join this national movement by encouraging our children to play outdoors daily.

Well, the excuse of not having enough time for an outdoor play does not apply, just calculate the number of hours they spend on gadgets or TV daily!

A survey conducted in 10 countries found that over half of children globally play outside for one hour or less each day. Researchers found that in India, 56 %  of parents believe their child has fewer opportunities to play than they did as a child.

So how do we encourage our children to get more active and head out to a playground? It is easy, just look back at your childhood and you will find traditional outdoor games in India are more beneficial for the mental and physical growth of your children.

Here are our favourite traditional outdoor games that you can play with your children to get them moving and relive your childhood days too! 

  • Lagori – Also known as Pithoo, Ezhu Kallu, Saat Patha, Lingocha, Sitoliya, Dabba Kal, etc. The game involves 2 teams with a ball and flat stones/wooden blocks. One team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. Shop for this game here.


2) Kho-Kho – One of the most popular outdoor games from India. The game consists of two teams, who are required to chase down and tag the players of the opposite team to win the game.



3) Aankh Micholi – You can say this is ‘hide and seek’ with a traditional twist. The players scatter around the denner who has a strip of cloth tied around his eyes and he has to rely on his sensory skills to catch the next denner.


4) Gilli Danda – Similar to Cricket this traditional game replaces the ball with a gilli and the bat with a danda. At Desi Toys, we offer you this authentic ‘Gili Danda’ toy which is hand-painted very artistically. Check out here


5) Saakli ( Lock and key) -The denner has to touch the other players to lock them up, while the other players have to rescue their teammates by offering them key with a touch.


6) Lattu – Spinning tops are one of the oldest toys. A thick string is wrapped around the wooden top and pulled which makes the top spin. Click here to shop now.


7) Kabbaddi – The Indian version of a game of tag. This is another team game that promises endless hours of outdoor fun.


8) Langdi – The denner has to catch another player by hopping on his foot. This game is all excerise at play.



9) Dog and the bone – Another group game where the two teams fight to get the object paced in the middle usually a handkerchief.



10) Gulel/ Sling shot – another version of bow and arrow, where the kids need to hit the bullseye using the slingshot. Available at Desi Toys, check out here


Playing outdoor games is the easiest way to get children to exercise and help them stay fit. So which game are your children playing today? Share with us in comments below




Must have Toys and Games to keep kids engaged

Finding ways to keep the children engaged while you finish those daily chores at home can be a lot of work in itself and finding activities that children can do on their own without adult supervision becomes equally important if you are a working parent.

Well, when it comes to toys, we have your back! Here is a list of some of the best classic toys from ‘Desi Toys’ that kids can play on their own. These toys and games are not just fun but also durable and safe too.

Labyrinth/ Maze/ Swirl/Bada Bhool Bhulaiya

 Handcrafted in Shesham wood, this is a challenging game, as kids need to move all the three balls into the centre of the puzzle. Also this can be a very good game for improving hand-eye coordination  fine motor  skills and concentration in kids.


Snake Cube Puzzle/ Ghar Akar brain teaser

Brain teasers like these are a must-have. Offer this to your kids and steal away some time from them to finish your work. This 3″x3″x3″ puzzle is unique and very challenging too.


Spinning top/ Lattu

 No matter what age you may be, you will always love the sight of a spinning top and see the colours blend together as the top spins.  Easy to store and carry with each top measuring 3″x1.8″x1.8″. The nail bottom is not very pointed and suitable for kids.


Cup and ball/ Cup aur Gola

 This may look simple but getting the ball into the cup requires practice! So if you are having a busy day, this toy is the perfect screen-free entertainment for kids.



 Solitaire is a challenging game that requires problem-solving tactics. There is truly no more attractive and easy way to play this game than with the Indian Handmade Wooden Marble Solitaire Set from ‘Desi Toys’. Bring home your very own Handmade.




3 in one puzzle set/Teen Paheli

 This puzzle set is much loved not just by kids but parents too! Solve this puzzle to de-stress and challenge your kids to practice problem solving skills and patience!


While there are endless ways to encourage kids to play on their own, every toy listed above guarantees gadget-free, creative and independent play not just for children but for the parents too! So go ahead and give them a try! Shop from




Importance of skill based toys for children

Children learn as they playMost importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” – O.Fred Donaldson.

Now that we know that playing is important for children, here is another key factor that plays a big role in making playtime more meaningful for children and that is the choice of toys which you buy for them. Yes! Toys can be more than just fun and games for kids. If chosen wisely toys can offer a great opportunity for children to develop early childhood skills.

Well, there are a variety of toys available in the market to choose from, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a skill-based toy over any other toy for your child:

  • Skill based toys help develop gross motor & fine motor skills: These are the first set of skills that a child develops in the initial years. Gross motar skills refers to the ability to make movements like rolling, crawling, jumping, running, balancing in different positions, walking in a straight line and following objects. Toys like activity mats, push and pull toys, wooden blocks, shape sorters, puzzles, stacking toys are some of the toys designed to help children develop and work on their gross and fine mortar skills.



  • Skill based toys work on soft skills of your child: As per google, soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person’s ‘EQ’ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). In simple words, it refers to teaching kids how to share, how to work in a team, how to make friends, how to respond to a particular situation, how to deal with their emotions, etc. In fact, social skills for kids are ongoing life lessons. Toys such as board games, pretend play sets like puppets, sports games, building blocks are all versatile toys that apart from helping to strengthen other areas of development, provide an outlet for children to work together, share and communicate to complete a goal or task thereby working on their social skills.




  • Skill based toys help improve cognitive skills: Strategy board games, Memory games, card games are tools to help your child develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking, sequencing and how to make decisions. These are important life skills that can be developed by choosing the right toy for your children.




4)Skill based toys can also help develop creative skills: Drawing sets, playing with colours, playdough, DIY kits are toys that work on your child’s imagination and help them think creatively using different textures and mediums.



5) Skill based toys can be used to promote early literacy skills in children: Picture books, flashcards, storytelling kits, number construction sets are the best toys that help your child to recognize alphabet, numbers and set the foundation for developing their vocabulary skills early on.



While choosing a skill-based toy is surely a good way to help your child learn while he/she plays and develop essential childhood skills, it is also important that you as a parent spend good quality time and play with them, as for a parent that is definitely one of the best ways to bond with child and to relive childhood days!

You may also like reading our post on ‘Your Time is the best gift you can give to your kids, Here’s Why!


Growing popularity of ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ toys/games. Here is why

We all have that one toy from our childhood collection that was gifted to us by one of our relatives from his holiday visit abroad. And like it or not, the only reason why we took care of it or it lasted so long was because it was not from India. Well, our children will never list this reason for having a special preference for a toy, since the toy industry has totally transformed from what it used to be during our childhood days and today it is flooded with imported toys mainly from China.

The entry of international toy stores and online stores in the toy market has further expanded the choice for kids. Enter any toy store and you are sure to be baffled by the endless rows of toys with multiple brands, but as a parent, you will be overwhelmed and struggling to zero down on that one toy which will keep your children engaged meaningfully and offer that sense of attachment that you had with your toys as a kid.

Well, that’s when buying Indian made toys come into play! We tell you how they are unique and why making the switch to ‘Made in India’ toys make perfect sense.

1)Indian roots & educative in nature: Made in India toys based on Indian themes derived from Indian history & culture. For example, the Ramayana storytelling kits help familiarise children with mythological characters and celebrated superheroes from our past as well as help them appreciate the Indian value system at large.


2) Made by skilled artisans: Made in India toys provide a big impetus to skilled artisans and tribal communities in the country. The Channapatna wooden toys, that are gaining popularity slowly are based on an art that has been promoted since the days of Tipu Sultan. If products that are made using the tribal art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Patchitra and many more are being appreciated in the west, why can’t we?


3) Child safe: When it comes to children’s toys, the quality of the toy is of utmost importance especially in the first initial years when they love to chew on every toy. Unlike plastic, non-toxic wooden toys made with natural paint are safe for children and manufacturers in India now understand the importance of safe and quality products demanded by parents and adhere to strict quality control.

4) Generational toys: Indian made toys are durable and qualify as favourite family toys that can be passed down from one generation to another.



5) Take you back to childhood days: It brings great joy to see your children play with the same toys and games that you grew up playing with. The Indian made toys are designed around this thought and help even parents relive their best childhood memories via toys like tiny steamboat that moved forward powered by a candle, lagori, boardgames like pachisi.


6) Unique gifts: The Indian made toys make for an affordable gift option, not just for the kids but for the entire family. The traditional board games like chauka bara, chess, palanghuzi that are now available from the Indian toymakers are helping parents spend quality time with the kids as well as teaching kids important skills like creative thinking, strategy and problem-solving skills and many more.

The Indian government is increasingly supporting the toy industry that is creating employment for millions of unskilled and semi-skilled rural workers and considering the huge untapped market potential, many players have started setting up their manufacturing base in India.

With India getting popular on the global front, many people in India have started taking pride in using India products. And as parents subscribing to Indian made toys could be one of the ways to encourage our children to value our culture, art forms and not move away from it.






Nostalgic Childhood Memories Of A Toy Tin Boat

Ask anyone about their favourite toy as a child and you are most likely to hear them recall their childhood nostalgia associated with a brown teddy bear which was loved despite losing all its fur, a train set which was passed down to the next generation even after the tracks were broken or a kitchen set that saved them from boredom on hot summer afternoons.

Well, one of our customers, Mrs.Roshni Kapoor could re-live her childhood days with our toy steam boat. Here is what she had to say to us,

“For me, my childhood memory was associated with the tiny toy boat that my father had bought for me from the local fair. It was blue and red in colour and went around the bucket when we lit the candle attached to it. I clearly remember sitting with my sister and observing the boat go around the bucket. The science behind the steam power that pushed the boat forward eluded us at that age and it all seemed like magic!

This wonderful piece of childhood memory revisited me when I stumbled upon this tiny toy boat that showed up on my feed while I was searching for science-based toys online for my daughter. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is still available in the market which is cluttered with new innovative toys these days. I was happy to find the same tin steam toy boat and did not waste much time evaluating if I should add it to my cart. I was once again going to own my favourite childhood toy, although now as a parent”.

The steam tin toy boat is also called the ‘Putt Putt Nav’ and available at Desi Toys.

Suitable for kids above 8 years or for gifting the little science geeks, this tiny boat powered by steam will truly amaze the kids and help them discover the science behind its working. Priced at just Rs 149 this ‘Putt Putt Nav’  is worth it! You can shop for this here.





Easter egg hunt – Everything you need to know about this less known game

We’re all amused by festivals. They bring joy and happiness to our lives. We live in a country which is extremely diverse in nature. The different tribes, languages, religions and practices only make our country an exclusive one. However, apart from all this, there is always a time when everyone comes together by putting aside all the differences they possess. This time is none other than festivals.  India has myriads of fascinating festivals which have been practiced for years now. Occasions like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Navratri etc. are widely celebrated in India. It is a less known fact, that a lot of these festivals have origins of the past and a story to tell.

Girl holding basket full of Easter Eggs. PicCredits - Daily Hive
Girl holding basket full of Easter Eggs. PicCredits – Daily Hive

What is the Easter egg hunt all about?

The upcoming festival is that of Easter. Easter is a festival celebrated by the Christians. Apart from joy and love, it is also characterized by a lot of sweets and toys. We all probably know about Easter, but not everyone knows the fun things that happen in the course of this festival. There is a very famous game that is played during this festival. It is called as the Easter egg hunt. This is a game in which decorated eggs or Easter eggs are hidden for children to find. These eggs are typically dyed or painted and some artificial eggs are made of plastic filled with chocolate, toys or candies. They come in various sizes and shapes and look really beautiful. It is usually an outdoor game, but it can also be played indoors. The children collect these eggs in the basket and when the hunt is over, prizes are given out according to their various achievements. The largest number of eggs collected, the smallest or the largest, the eggs of specific colour etc. are a few areas that get children to win the various prizes.

Origin of the game

The egg was a symbol of the reincarnation of the earth in pre-Christian celebrations of spring. However, the Easter egg itself was defined by early Christians as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. The egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ arose. This tradition dates back to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther who had Easter egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for the women and children. In Germany people would hide coloured eggs about the house and garden. The children would be extremely amused with themselves while discovering them. This game is associated with Easter and Easter eggs traditionally, but it has also been popular with spring time birthday parties.

Indian Easter Eggs. Pic Credits - passoinindia
Indian Easter Eggs. Pic Credits – passoinindia

This game was widely played amongst kids even back then and is still very famous in our own country. In fact, this game has gained immense popularity among kids in India. Eggs are not only filled with sweets and candies, but with a lot of toys and other goodies. If you wish to play this game or make yourself and your friends an Easter egg, you can fill it with sweets and other Indian traditional toys, to give it a desi touch. So how do you plan on celebrating your Easter this year? Decide soon. It’s just a few days away!

Will Toys ever lose their significance?

Toys are something every child has set their eyes on, from the very beginning. They are generally very close to a child’s heart.  It is not possible that you enter any toy shop and don’t see at least one child eyeing a toy or throwing tantrums by forcing their parents to buy something for them. Toys of every kind, right from traditional toys & games enliven children. Times like these bring up the question as to why toys are so important to kids.

Children are unsurprisingly very attracted to toys. Those colourful candy dolls with gorgeous eyelashes would definitely make any baby girl fall in love with it. On the other hand, a raffish looking metallic hot wheel car would not do any less than making a baby boy turn his head and let out a cry. Sometimes, the very look of toys can leave even an adult amazed. Can we then really blame kids for following in love with these extremely creative and love filled vibrant objects? There is a plethora of variants in toys. Right from spinning tops to automated remote controlled objects, Indian toys and games have it all.

Kids playing with a spinning top in a circle. Picture Credits: Imgur
Kids playing with a spinning top in a circle. Picture Credits: Imgur

Be it any party or just an ordinary occasion, the one thing that can undoubtedly bring a smile to a child’s face regardless, is a toy that win’s his heart. But have you thought of how long can toys have this effect on children? How long will they turn their heads in awe or be baffled looking at the new innovations of the toy world? This is a tough one to answer. However, we humans are created in a way that lets us see and appreciate things the way we like. A child will grow according to his biological clock. There’s no stopping that. But will he ever stop loving the toys he once played with, or let his interest from the toy world vain out completely?

Young or old, we never really ever stop appreciating toys. The very purpose of its creation was to leave the viewer awe-inspired.  There are so many gorgeous Indian toys and games that are vibrant and safe to play with. A boy at 6 may consider his remote controlled car as the best thing in the world. However, when he’s 16, he might still find his PSP to be the love of his life. A girl holding a plastic racket at 5 may hold a tennis racket at 15 and be a champion. The one thing that toys do is prepare you for what you want to be in the future. It might not be very obvious, but toys definitely have a huge psychological impact to play in shaping the future of a child.

A kid might grow up and get busy in his own life, with his own job and other chores but he’d never really get over what was once a very phenomenal part of his childhood. A parent would recommend and buy the same kind of toy for her kid, which she once played with.   Even grandparents find joy in playing with their grandchildren and their toys.

That being said, it is pretty obvious that toys will never lose the significance they hold. They’ll always be passed down from one generation to another. Even if a child grows up and thinks about his childhood, he’ll always reminiscent the days he spent in the arms of his favourite toy.

How role-playing games help in development of children

Child development is a beautiful yet very tricky process. It involves a lot of smart and careful moves as well as patience so that the child learns  things slowly and steadily. However, teaching anything to the kids is hard and parents constantly need to find a creative and fun way to impart the skills. One of those is learning social skills.

A lot of people forget that role-playing & pretend plays help kids pick-up the social skills much faster and in an easier way. This is how role-playing pretend games help in the development of the children.

The development is generally divided into cognitive, social and physical. Social development facilitates both cognitive and physical development.

Communication skills

Role play games involve verbal & non-verbal communication. So when the kids take part in the dramatic plays and role-play games, they practice and copy the words that they hear. Along with that, children become aware that for participating in the game, they need to listen to be able to follow the game. Thus, it encourages listening and communication skills. And of course, the art of conversation.

Social Skills

Role play and pretend games are social acts. It’s a well-known fact that children’s success in school depends on their ability to interact well with their friends and teachers. When children come together to play the game that involves lot of imagination, they negotiate roles and different terms with a mutual understanding. This helps children to develop the socializing and co-operation skills.

Cognitive Skills

Role-play games and pretend plays involves children recalling the pictures in their mind they have seen before. It may involve parents cooking or driving or a doctor treating the patient. This helps children in their observing and discovering skills. It helps children to build problem-solving techniques.

Physical Development 

In role-play games for children, they have to pretend to be someone else. It helps their fine motor skills. Right from the character’s body language to the work that character might be doing. It also builds hand-eye coordination. At Desi Toys, we have various toys that help develop the same abilities.

These games have always been a part of traditional Indian childhood, for example games like khel-pani, ghar-ghar, and Bhatukali. We offer variety of toys to aid  for the better development of your children. Check them out at


Fascinating stories behind Diwali – The festival of lights

Our most beloved festival is just round the corner. However, Diwali these days seems just about fancy lights and shopping. Just like all the other Indian festivals, Indian arts and traditions, this festival also has a very rich legacy behind the present-day celebrations which is not known by many people (especially children).

In this blog, we take you through some mythological stories behind this grand Indian festival and how the stories beautifully compliment the festival.

The Story of Rama

Ramayana story behind Diwali
Ramayana story behind Diwali

This probably is the most popular story and a widely known reason behind the celebration of Diwali. It says that after 14 years of being in an exile, Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya – his Kingdom with his wife Sita, and brother Laxman. While they were in exile, Ravan, the demon king had abducted Sita and it led to the war between Ram & Ravan. Lord Ram defeated and killed Ravan and returned to his home. On that day, people of his kingdom gave him a grand welcome by lighting diyas and since then, the day is being celebrated as Diwali.

Krishna – Narkasur 

Narkasura is mentioned as an evil King of South Nepal in mythology. He used to abduct women and make them to live with him forcefully. Their plight was heard by Lord Krishna and he killed Narkasura on this Diwali. As a last wish, Narkasura wanted that his death should be celebrated as a day of happiness. Since then, this day is celebrated as Narak Chaturdashi – the first day of Diwali.

The birth of Laxmi

Samudra Manthan - Birth of Laxmi. Image credits -
Samudra Manthan – Birth of Laxmi. Image credits –

It is believed that Laxmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity was manifested on this day. When the gods and demons were churning the ocean (samudra – manthan), 14 jewels came out from the ocean and one of them was Laxmi. Because of this, Laxmi Puja is performed on the second day of Diwali.

Story of the Guru Har Gobind Singhji

On this day, Guru Har Gobind Singh, the sixth Guru of Sikhs released himself and other Hindu kings from the Gwalior fort where they were kept as prisoners by Jehangir – the Mughal emperor. From there, he came to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. It was the Diwali day. Since then, Sikhs celebrate it as Bandi Chhodd Diwas.

Our every festival is an amalgamation of many beautiful stories together. Diwali is also a festival of gifting. You can visit for truly Indian gifts for your loved ones this Diwali.