Festive Season Gifting Ideas For Your Loved Ones

With the arrival of the gifting season, we know that looking for the perfect gift can be a very time consuming affair, and that’s why we thought why not make this job easier for you!

Here is a list of gifting ideas to get you started with, right from kids to adults,  gaming addicts to book lovers we’ve covered them all! Take a look and remember  whatever you may choose to gift big or small, it is always the thought that matters!

1) Books – Best option if  your loved one is a book lover because honestly speaking gifting a book lover anything apart from books is a crime!  Well, if you don’t know which books to gift, you can always gift a shopping voucher from a book store and let them choose their favourite book.

2) Chocolates –It’s a universal fact that everyone loves chocolates, well at least the chances of meeting people who do not like chocolates are really low. So in case you have been busy and can’t think of anything else last minute, a chocolate gift hamper will be your best bet. The best thing is they come in festive packaging as well to add to the festival mood.

3) Games – Believe us when we say there is nothing better than gifting a toy or a game to kids! They love it but we know when choosing a toy or a game can be a task in itself,  check out the collection at www.desitoys.in for a wide range of classic and popular skill based Indian toys/games – from traditional family board games to toys that take you back to good old  childhood days – there is something for everyone.


4) Accessories – We are talking jewelry to watches to bags to belts to sunglasses the options are so many and you can never go wrong if you pick any one of these as one can never have enough accessories! Agree?

5) Home Décor  – This is a safe option to go with if you are gifting someone who does not fit in it the above categories.  You will find a range of options to choose from depending on your budget.


6) Shopping vouchers –  Shopping vouchers have their own charm and one of the best option to please a shopaholic!

7) Plants – Not an obvious gift, but definitely a thoughtful one. Nurturing the plant and see it grow brings immense joy and satisfaction that no fancy gift item can replace. Try it!


Selecting the right gift is tricky but that’s what makes the process of gifting an interesting one. Use this guide to get yourself started on the gift selection and make someone smile this festive season.

Popular Monsoon Childhood Memories To Be Relived With Kids

It’s a gloomy rainy day, it is pouring outside and as we plan to publish this post, we can’t help thinking just how much fun rainy season used to be when we were kids.

We’ve all had our share of fun during childhood and the memories may differ individually but there are some childhood memories associated with the rainy season that have remained popular across generations and they will never go out of style!

Listing our favorites here,  just in case you are a parent reading this, make sure you try a few of these activities with your kids this rainy season!

 1) Getting drenched in the rain– This is the best way to experience rain in its pure form! Once a while leave all the health worries behind and let the kids get drenched and experince the falling rain.

2) Rescuing earthworms: It is quite common to spot earthworms that crawl up the surface after rain, let your kids know these creatures are harmless and they could protect them from the world outside, by burying them back in the earth.

3) Making paper boats : This is the first craft project for every parent isn’t it? Also no matter what age, you will always smile at the thought of a tiny paper boat sailing in the rainwater.

4) Jumping in the muddy puddles : Let the kids have the time of their life, while you are thinking about the messy clothes.

5) Playing in the wet mud : The wet mud after the rain is perfect for sensory play for kids, let their hands get dirty, join with them and teach them how to make their favourite objects using mud.

6) Eating corn / bhutta : Eating bhutta is healthy! Don’t throw away  after eating, use it to play catch! Let the kids understand that happiness can be derived from nature in so many ways.

 7) Dancing in the rain : How about throwing a dance party in the rain? The terrace is the ideal place for this, call all your child’s favourite friends, play their favourite music and see them dance and enjoy the rains!

8) Water wars: No serious war but this is serious business! The one who collects more water in his/her inverted umbrella gets to throw more on the opponent. It takes some time to fill enough water from the falling rain, but the wait is worth it!

9) Drawing on the glass : Believe it or not! Your kids may own as many drawing books but the fun of drawing on a misty glass is something else.

10) A walk in the rain: Trying to keep the umbrella in its place in the pouring rain is an adventure in itself! It gives the kids a sense of confidence to hold their own umbrella and walk down the pavement while it’s raining! Try it!

So don’t let a gloomy day dampen your mood! Head out and relive your childhood memories with your kids to enjoy the rainy season while it lasts.

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