5 Fun Art forms today’s Kids can learn easily

As a brand committed to creating unique comeback toys & games that are inspired by the touch of traditional Indian art, we don’t need to tell you that we are so Desi at heart! Therefore, when parents ask for suggestions on which are the best art activities for kids, it is no surprise we recommend Indian art as an obvious answer!

India has a rich art history passed down from one generation to another, coming from around 3500 BC and has a massive influence on the global art scenario.  Here are our favourite Indian art forms that children across age group can learn:

1) Embroidery– A handcraft that can be embraced by both girls and boys. A simple embroidery project can teach kids to learn to be patient and wait for the end result of hard work. Eye-hand coordination, color theory, design and planning are some of the skills developed by embroidery.

2) Rangoli – Colourful patterns using colours, flowers, rice and grains can be used to make this unique decoration at the door. Involving your children in Rangoli makes a great way to bond with them.

3) Pottery – One of the best sensory skill-developing activities for kids. While moulding with clay into different shapes and objects, children learn to develop their imagination and to express themselves.

4) Painting – When it comes to teaching Indian painting arts to kids, there is no dearth of options to choose from as various painting styles are prevalent across various regions like Madhubani, Warli, Kalighat, Kalamkari, Gond, Pichwai and many more! Teaching these art forms is also a good way to teach children about India’s rich ancient culture and traditions.

5) Knitting- Knitting is another great way to teach kids about the process of creation. They also learn to develop their fine motor skills and build their attention span.

While you are trying to introduce your child to an art form, it is important that you take it slow and start with small projects to see if your child is enjoying the activity or not.  It may happen that you as a parent may find it interesting while your child may not. In such cases, let your child decide and choose another art form that he/she would like to pursue further.

5 Ways to celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali! One of the biggest festivals in India is here and we are sure the preparations have begun in your house already. Be it Diwali cleaning, Diwali sweets, Laxmi Pujan or Diwali gifting, there is so much to this festival. But , in the midst of the excitement, take a moment to explain to your children about how they can celebrate the festival safely and how they can enjoy the festivities without causing any damage to the environment

1) Be careful when bursting firecrackers: We are not asking you to dissuade your children from bursting crackers but explain to them how crackers  can be hazardous and can lead to smoke and noise pollution.

2) Avoid the use of plastic made Diwali decor: Go green this Diwali, teach your kids to make DIY diyas, get them to hand-paint them, make lanterns using home supplies. The joy of decorating the house with your own creations is so much more as compared to the store-bought items.

3) Be compassionate towards stray animals:With the noise of the loud crackers during Diwali, birds, pets & stray animals run out of fear and hide either under the cars or under the bed for shelter.  It is very important that we teach our kids to be cautious while celebrating Diwali without harming the animals & birds in our neighbourhood.

4) Involve them in the festivities: Making homemade mithai can be a fun family affair. Give them simple tasks like gathering all the ingredients, reading out the recipes, mixing, being a part of the cooking process gives kids a sense of achievement. You can also involve them in making beautiful Rangoli designs using flowers.


5) Thoughtful Diwali gifts: Encourage kids to design thoughtful greetings for the loved ones. It need not be a fancy gift, even a small handmade greeting card can go a long way in conveying the Diwali message.

May the festival of lights bring lots of joy, peace, and prosperity to you and your family. Have a great Diwali!