How to choose toys that can be used by children of all age groups?

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How to choose toys that can be used by children of all age groups?

We cannot deny the fact that children love toys. Toys were always their best friends ever since they came into existence. It’s true that there’s nothing a toy can’t do, when a baby is bitterly crying. If not stop the child from crying completely, it at least reduces the amount of whining the child would otherwise do. However, every child grows up with time and tends to develop different likes and dislikes. It is the same with toys. Once a child grows, he is no longer interested in playing with rattles, but might shift to other games such as a remote controlled car, or a cooking sets. In all this progress, we often forget to choose the right toys for them at the right age.

Babies under age 1

The first three months are really crucial to a baby. The human touch and voice is what they need the most in this time. Rattles and other toys that move and make noises are appropriate for these babies. For Indian parents, the jhunjhuna toys work wonders.

The Jhunjhuna from Desi Toys
The Jhunjhuna from Desi Toys

Toddlers in the age group of 1-3 years

Modeling clay, soft balls, picture books, musical toys, pop-up toys and simple puzzles work best for kids in this age group. This is the time their brain starts to understand the simple things happening in their surroundings. It is a very important period and the toys have to be chosen wisely.

Kids from 4-5 years of age

This is the time to introduce basic board games to the children. Here is when children learn the rules of the games by taking turns. Pick games with simple scoring methods. This will boost the confidence of the child. Books, dress up clothes, simple musical instruments, etc. can also be introduced at this time.

The game of Snakes and Ladder at Desi Toys
The game of Snakes and Ladders at Desi Toys

Children above the age of

This period is a lot like the safe zone. This is the time when children can and are interested in playing with the more complicated games. Games like chess, traditionally known as Shatranj can be taught to a child who seems to be interested in learning the game. The process of brain development takes place at this time. It is advisable to keep them occupied with more fun and physical games, rather than encouraging them to be glued to any electronic devices. Outdoor games and traditional Indian toys will really prove to be beneficial to the child’s physical and psychological growth.

Shatranj game at Desi Toys
Shatranj game at Desi Toys

If your child has completed the age of 7, he is not technically a baby anymore. He can choose his own games and toys. Nevertheless, as a parent, it is always sensible to supervise what your child does in his play time. Physical exercise and games that enhance one’s growth should always be encouraged. Ask your child to play more outdoor games. If he’s not into outdoor games so much, then you could always buy him some fun yet brainy Indian games that are easily available at Desi Toys. Playtime is very important to the child’s growth. Don’t let this important phase go unobserved!


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