10 Best Rainy Day DIY Indoor Activities to keep the Kids entertained!

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10 Best Rainy Day DIY Indoor Activities to keep the Kids entertained!

So what do your kids do on a rainy day? The weather is gloomy and the temptation to turn on the idiot box is really high. Well, the fact is when you have kids at home, as a parent you always need to maintain a list of top-of mind fun activities that will keep your kids busy and help you wash away those rainy day blues!

From art & craft to simple science experiments that kids can do on their own using home supplies. Here is the list of 10 best indoor activities to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day.

1)   Make an art journal: Turn an old book into an art portfolio, where kids can create and save their favourite drawings. Your kids will enjoy going through this book over and over again.

2)   Design a greeting card: Because greeting cards are never out of fashion and it is a great way for kids to showcase their creativity and express their emotions towards their loved ones.

3)   Make your own treasure box: It is not so difficult to find an old cardboard box in the house, all you need for this is colours and a paint brush to give the old cardboard box a new look. Kids can decorate it with glitter, buttons, pearls and other tiny craft items available at home.

4)   Button craft : Another craft item you can easily find at home. Create a button tree, letters, cars – the possibilities are endless.

5)   Try origami: Folding paper is an art and with a little bit of practice your kids can easily master a few easy- to- make origami objects and flaunt their newly acquired skills to their friends.

6)   DIY slime: Children across age group love to make slime and it is one activity that will keep them happily engaged for long hours.

7)   Homemade play dough : The internet is filled with many tried and tested recipes to make you own play dough at home. Make it in bulk as it can be stored, so you can enjoy guaranteed peaceful afternoons.

8)   Frozen water balloons : A simple activity that never fails to amuse the kids. Fill the balloons with tap water, if you want you can add coloured water, tie the ends and put them in the refrigerator. Remove after an hour and watch the kids having some cool fun!

9)   Make a calming jar: As the name suggests, calming jars work as a relaxation or a ‘time out ‘ tool during temper tantrums for kids. Observing the movement of glitter and sparkly objects settle down to the base when you shake the jar, has a soothing effect on the mind. Try it! 

10)   Play a board game : Playing a board game is one of the best way to spend time with kids. While the options are many, we recommend to go for the traditional boardgames that work on your child’s visual recognition, strategy and social skills as well as hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.  Click here to order your favourite board game

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