Nostalgic Childhood Memories Of A Toy Tin Boat

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Nostalgic Childhood Memories Of A Toy Tin Boat

Ask anyone about their favourite toy as a child and you are most likely to hear them recall their childhood nostalgia associated with a brown teddy bear which was loved despite losing all its fur, a train set which was passed down to the next generation even after the tracks were broken or a kitchen set that saved them from boredom on hot summer afternoons.


Well, one of our customers, Mrs.Roshni Kapoor could re-live her childhood days with our toy steam boat. Here is what she had to say to us,

“For me, my childhood memory was associated with the tiny toy boat that my father had bought for me from the local fair. It was blue and red in colour and went around the bucket when we lit the candle attached to it. I clearly remember sitting with my sister and observing the boat go around the bucket. The science behind the steam power that pushed the boat forward eluded us at that age and it all seemed like magic!

This wonderful piece of childhood memory revisited me when I stumbled upon this tiny toy boat that showed up on my feed while I was searching for science-based toys online for my daughter. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is still available in the market which is cluttered with new innovative toys these days. I was happy to find the same tin steam toy boat and did not waste much time evaluating if I should add it to my cart. I was once again going to own my favourite childhood toy, although now as a parent".


The steam tin toy boat is also called the 'Putt Putt Nav' and available at Desi Toys.


Suitable for kids above 8 years or for gifting the little science geeks, this tiny boat powered by steam will truly amaze the kids and help them discover the science behind its working. Priced at just Rs 149 this 'Putt Putt Nav'  is worth it! You can shop for this here.


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