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Growing popularity of ‘MAKE IN INDIA' toys/games. Here is why

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Growing popularity of ‘MAKE IN INDIA' toys/games. Here is why

We all have that one toy from our childhood collection that was gifted to us by one of our relatives from their holiday visit abroad. And like it or not, the only reason why we took care of it or it lasted so long was because it was not from India. Well, our children will never list this reason for having a special preference for a toy, since the toy industry has totally transformed from what it used to be during our childhood days and today it is flooded with imported toys mainly from China.

The entry of international toy stores and online stores in the toy market has further expanded the choice for kids. Enter any toy store and you are sure to be baffled by the endless rows of toys with multiple brands, but as a parent, you will be overwhelmed and struggling to zero down on that one toy which will keep your children engaged meaningfully and offer that sense of attachment that you had with your toys as a kid.

Well, that's when buying Indian made toys come into play! We tell you how they are unique and why making the switch to 'Made in India' toys make perfect sense.



1)Indian roots & educative in nature: Made in India toys based on Indian themes derived from Indian history & culture. For example, the Ramayana storytelling kits help familiarise children with mythological characters and celebrated superheroes from our past as well as help them appreciate the Indian value system at large. 






2) Made by skilled artisans: Made in India toys provide a big impetus to skilled artisans and tribal communities in the country. The Channapatna wooden toys, that are gaining popularity slowly are based on an art that has been promoted since the days of Tipu Sultan. If products that are made using the tribal art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Patchitra and many more are being appreciated in the west, why can't we?






3) Child safe: When it comes to children’s toys, the quality of the toy is of utmost importance especially in the first initial years when they love to chew on every toy. Unlike plastic, non-toxic wooden toys made with natural paint are safe for children and manufacturers in India now understand the importance of safe and quality products demanded by parents and adhere to strict quality control.





4) Generational toys: Indian made toys are durable and qualify as favourite family toys that can be passed down from one generation to another.




5) Take you back to childhood days: It brings great joy to see your children play with the same toys and games that you grew up playing with. The Indian made toys are designed around this thought and help even parents relive their best childhood memories via toys like tiny steamboat that moved forward powered by a candle, lagori, boardgames like pachisi.





6) Unique gifts: The Indian made toys make for an affordable gift option, not just for the kids but for the entire family. The traditional board games like chauka bara, chess, palanghuzi that are now available from the Indian toymakers are helping parents spend quality time with the kids as well as teaching kids important skills like creative thinking, strategy and problem-solving skills and many more.




The Indian government is increasingly supporting the toy industry that is creating employment for millions of unskilled and semi-skilled rural workers and considering the huge untapped market potential, many players have started setting up their manufacturing base in India.


With India getting popular on the global front, many people in India have started taking pride in using India products. And as parents subscribing to Indian made toys could be one of the ways to encourage our children to value our culture, art forms and not move away from it.







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