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Importance of Skill based Toys for Children

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Importance of Skill based Toys for Children

Children learn as they playMost importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” - O.Fred Donaldson.

Now that we know that playing is important for children, here is another key factor that plays a big role in making playtime more meaningful for children and that is the choice of toys which you buy for them. Yes! Toys can be more than just fun and games for kids. If chosen wisely toys can offer a great opportunity for children to develop early childhood skills.


Well, there are a variety of toys available in the market to choose from, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a skill-based toy over any other toy for your child:


  1. Skill based toys help develop gross motor & fine motor skills: These are the first set of skills that a child develops in the initial years. Gross motar skills refers to the ability to make movements like rolling, crawling, jumping, running, balancing in different positions, walking in a straight line and following objects. Toys like activity mats, push and pull toys, wooden blocks, shape sorters, puzzles, stacking toys are some of the toys designed to help children develop and work on their gross and fine mortar skills.




  1. Skill based toys work on soft skills of your child: As per google, soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person's ‘EQ’ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). In simple words, it refers to teaching kids how to share, how to work in a team, how to make friends, how to respond to a particular situation, how to deal with their emotions, etc. In fact, social skills for kids are ongoing life lessons. Toys such as board games, pretend play sets like puppets, sports games, building blocks are all versatile toys that apart from helping to strengthen other areas of development, provide an outlet for children to work together, share and communicate to complete a goal or task thereby working on their social skills.



3. Skill based toys help improve cognitive skills: Strategy board games, Memory games, card games are tools to help your child develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking, sequencing and how to make decisions. These are important life skills that can be developed by choosing the right toy for your children.







4)Skill based toys can also help develop creative skills: Drawing sets, playing with colours, playdough, DIY kits are toys that work on your child's imagination and help them think creatively using different textures and mediums.




5) Skill based toys can be used to promote early literacy skills in children: Picture books, flashcards, storytelling kits, number construction sets are the best toys that help your child to recognize alphabet, numbers and set the foundation for developing their vocabulary skills early on. 




While choosing a skill-based toy is surely a good way to help your child learn while he/she plays and develop essential childhood skills, it is also important that you as a parent spend good quality time and play with them, as for a parent that is definitely one of the best ways to bond with child and to relive childhood days!


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