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10 outdoor fun games to stay fit for today’s tech savvy generation

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10 outdoor fun games to stay fit for today’s tech savvy generation

Recently our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Fit India’ Movement’ urging people to create time for physical activity in their daily regime. He also highlighted the importance of playing outdoor sports to break away from the habit of following a sedentary lifestyle. As parents, we can join this national movement by encouraging our children to play outdoors daily.

Well, the excuse of not having enough time for an outdoor play does not apply, just calculate the number of hours they spend on gadgets or TV daily!

A survey conducted in 10 countries found that over half of children globally play outside for one hour or less each day. Researchers found that in India, 56 %  of parents believe their child has fewer opportunities to play than they did as a child.

So how do we encourage our children to get more active and head out to a playground? It is easy, just look back at your childhood and you will find traditional outdoor games in India are more beneficial for the mental and physical growth of your children.

Here are our favourite traditional outdoor games that you can play with your children to get them moving and relive your childhood days too!


  1. Lagori - Also known as Pithoo, Ezhu Kallu, Saat Patha, Lingocha, Sitoliya, Dabba Kal, etc. The game involves 2 teams with a ball and flat stones/wooden blocks. One team will knock down the blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. Shop for this game here.



2) Kho-Kho - One of the most popular outdoor games from India. The game consists of two teams, who are required to chase down and tag the players of the opposite team to win the game.




3) Aankh Micholi - You can say this is 'hide and seek' with a traditional twist. The players scatter around the denner who has a strip of cloth tied around his eyes and he has to rely on his sensory skills to catch the next denner.



4) Gilli Danda - Similar to Cricket this traditional game replaces the ball with a gilli and the bat with a danda. At Desi Toys, we offer you this authentic 'Gili Danda' toy which is hand-painted very artistically. Check out here



5) Saakli ( Lock and key) -The denner has to touch the other players to lock them up, while the other players have to rescue their teammates by offering them key with a touch.



6) Lattu - Spinning tops are one of the oldest toys. A thick string is wrapped around the wooden top and pulled which makes the top spin. Click here to shop now.



7) Kabbaddi - The Indian version of a game of tag. This is another team game that promises endless hours of outdoor fun. 



8) Langdi - The denner has to catch another player by hopping on his foot. This game is all excerise at play.




9) Dog and the bone - Another group game where the two teams fight to get the object paced in the middle usually a handkerchief. 




10) Gulel/ Sling shot - another version of bow and arrow, where the kids need to hit the bullseye using the slingshot. Available at Desi Toys, check out here



Playing outdoor games is the easiest way to get children to exercise and help them stay fit. So which game are your children playing today? Share with us in comments below




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