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8 Ways of Spending Quality Time with Kids

Written By: DesiToys Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2020-05-25 Hits: 209 Comment: 0
8 Ways of Spending Quality Time with Kids

In such challenging times we see #kids getting affected the most with no much physical activity at home and no physical interaction with dear friends affecting their social skills.

Here are some tips which is working well for me with my kid.

1) Fix a time table for kids in which parents are also taking regular breaks from work and spending quality time with kids at the fixed time.

2) Play classic board games and card games which will involve entire family which enhances their social skills and ensures quality fun time.

3) Watch fun documentaries together increasing their scope of knowledge.

4) Play some physical movement activities like hopscotch, fun race in the lobby, etc

5) Involve kids in day to day chores even if they are making mistakes in it. Give them time to learn.

6) Cooking is a life skill. Without being gender bias, teach your kids some basics of cooking.

7) Yoga and meditation can be fun if done together with kids.

8) Create something together. Could be some craft art or planting a new seed. Ensure you complete the task which you started together.

Lastly give your kids some 'Me Time' and let them be the way they wanna be and do. Kids constantly observe us, so lets be positive and happy.

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