5 Reasons to gift Desi Toys to your loved ones

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5 Reasons to gift Desi Toys to your loved ones

Choosing gifts for the occasions can be a pretty daunting task. It is indeed hard to understand the likes & dislikes of the person and find a gift accordingly. Chocolates and flowers are great, but how long do they last? And artifacts or wall hangings is a very tricky choice because it's hard to know if the recipient will like them; worse, they might even forward it as a gift. So why not gift something that will create long lasting memory and will be used as well? Thanks to Desi Toys, they are one of the best gifting options. You ask why? Here are the reasons below.

1. Artistry & Tradition 

When you buy a product from Desi Toys, it is not a just a physical thing that you are buying. Each product is a hard work of traditional artists and workers who are trying to preserve their culture and tradition through the toys. Their years of craftsmanship is what you get when you buy a Desi Toy. And when you gift it, you are also promoting it to more people.

2. Learning

Traditional Indian toys are not just for fun, but also informative. They help kids in learning skills like maths, hand-eye coordination, sensory development, etc. The traditional board games also teach tactics and improve memory. It improves communication and coordination between the kids if we make them participate in these games since their tender age.

3. Culture study

All the traditional Indian toys have some or other base of culture and mythology. So when the kids play these games along with their parents, they also learn about culture and mythology. All the mythological stories have some or the other moral lessons attached to them. So when you gift the kids traditional Desi Toys, you are also helping them understand the culture.

Grandma's stories. Image by - blog.dinamani.com
Grandma's stories. Image by - blog.dinamani.com

4. Family-time

A lot of desi card games and board games require more than 2-3 players, so inevitably in this age of nuclear families, parents need to join the game and thus it increases the time spent with kids. It helps them to bond better. As opposed to video / computer games that can be played alone, Desi Toys promote more together-time.

5. Harmless

Traditional Desi Toys are made from 100% natural raw material. Made from best quality wood and 100% natural dyes and colours, Desi Toys are totally harmless, unlike the plastic / metal toys that include various tiny parts. Even though Desi Toys do not have serious manufacturing process, they are still strong and sturdy. Thus, they can be kept as a memorabilia.

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