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Steam Boat, Tin Toy Boat, Pop Pop Boat, Putt Putt Nav

Brand: Desi Toys
Product Code: Steam Boat, Tin Toy Boat, Pop Pop Boat, Putt Putt Nav
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Our steam powered boat is made of Tin. HOW IT WORKS: Step 1: Use the filler to fill the 2 tubes placed behind the boat with water and place the boat in a tub of water. Step 2: Light the candle and place it under the boiler inside the boat. The water in the boat turns into steam which escapes and propels the boat forward using a steam jet effect. The remaining steam condenses and sucks in more water and the cycle continues till the candle or fire dies out.  Once the candle is over, use a wick and oil in the candle holder and play again.       

Easy to store and carry with the boat measuring 5.5" in length. The toy comes with a tin boat, candle holder with wax and filler. This toy will truly amaze and help kids self discover the  science behind it's working.This classic toy comes from 'Desi Toys' meant for kids above 14 years.

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