10 Most Popular Traditional Indian Toys and Indian Games for kids

Jan 14 , 2021

10 Most Popular Traditional Indian Toys and Indian Games for kids

Ask any parent from the 90’s about their favourtie childhood games and you are bound to hear names like Gili Danda and Lagori which are some of the popular Indian games that used to be played back then, some of which are still being played today.

And if the mention of Gilli Danda and Lagori brought back a rush of nostalgia for you and you wish your children could enjoy these games too, ‘Desi Toys’ is the perfect one-stop online shop where you will find the most popular traditional Indian toys and Indian games for kids.

Here is a list of our 10 bestsellers :

1) Spinning Top:

Desi Toys wooden spinning top is loads of fun packed in a small toy! Interesting to watch for the little ones and fascinating for the older ones!

A must-have toy in every household, add this right away to your kids' toys online shopping list

2) Steam Boat:

Our best seller – the put-put naav or the steamboat makes for a unique birthday party gift as well as a must-have collectible.

This toy will truly amaze  the little ones and enjoy hours of playtime away from the gadgets.

3) Gili Danda:

Yes! You read that right! The most popular Indian street game is available at the Desi Toys store! It’s a sheer joy to unbox this childhood game and makes for a brilliant return gift for kids' parties.

4) Gulel:

This classic wooden slingshot is available at ‘Desi Toys’,which makes a great playing tool for children. This little slingshot is a great choice for kids to improve hand-eye coordination, accuracy, focus, and patience. Perfect for return gifts and for those who love toy collectibles.

5) Lagori:

A high energy outdoor team game, Lagori is known by different names in different parts of India such as Sitolia, Pitthu.

This childhood favourite is available in classy, handpainted wooden blocks along with a rubber ball. Order this game to bring home the excitement and joy of playing outdoors for hours!

6) Hopscotch:

Kids can enjoy playing this popular outdoor game even at home! The smooth feel and the anti-skid bottom makes it safe for kids to jump and hop. The printed nylon mat can be easily rolled and comes with 2 playing coins

Bonus: It can also be used as floor mat for the kids' room!

7) 5 Stones :

An interesting game for building focus and concentration in kids. The player needs to spin a stone up in the air and gather the remaining stones lying on the floor with one hand without allowing the one in the air to fall to the ground.

Best part of this game is that there is no limit on the number of players who can play this game and it can be enjoyed by all age groups!

 At Desi Toys the 5 stones set comes with 5 triangle shaped pieces made of cloth filled with fur and grains.

8) Brass Kitchen Set :

Playing with toy kitchen sets can be very exciting for kids. It makes them more imaginative and enhances their creativity levels. They can create unique kitchen scenarios while playing around with toy utensils and appliances.

Desi toys perfectly handcrafted Brass Pretend Kitchen set contains utensils seen  and used in traditional Royal families!

9) Wooden Kitchen Set:

This kitchen set contains traditional and modern Indian kitchen items. Kids can have a lot of fun creating their own unique recipes. Made  light weight, colorful and best for pretend play. Also makes for a perfect gift idea for kids!

10) Slate:

Writing on slate helps children develop good handwriting, also a good exercise for the hand muscles. 

This slate designed by Desi Toys is of 9 inches x 11 inches, of perfect size and weight and can be easily cleaned. A simple learning tool that comes in handy for practicing alphabets, numbers, or drawing endless times. 

Playing traditional games as a family brings the family closer, and the bond stronger. Also, children need some unstructured playtime and introducing conventional games to the family routine can be a great bonding activity for all.