5 Made in Indian Toys Online Parents Should Invest in for Their Kids

Dec 23 , 2022

5 Made in Indian Toys Online Parents Should Invest in for Their Kids

1. Satranj (invented in & known as Chaturaji/Chaturanga in ancient India)/ Chess

It is a worldwide known fact that Chess is one of the most intellectual games, the top rather! Learning Chess since an early age can have a massively positive impact on the development of a child’s brain, making it one of the greatest investments for life! Desi Toys offers chess boards, magnetic board as well as round and square tables, all with handcrafted wood, so that your child can have an intelligent and safe playtime. Buy made in India toys online and help us promote ‘India Inspired, India Made’!

2. Buddhijaal/Brainvita

Remember buying this game from a street toy vendor when you were a kid? Well, a better version of it is available at our Desi Toys’ online toy store- made of wood, not plastic, it is 100% toxin and plastic free. Playing this game will improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, problem solving skills and strategy building skills, making it one of the top indoor games for kids online!

3. Lattu/Bhawra/Spinning Top

As fun as playing with a spinning top is, it is also an incredible toy for a young child as it helps in the development of their hand-eye coordination, concentration as well as logic building. It is a science and discovery toy and can explain the concepts like momentum, inertia, etc. in a fun way, making it an excellent investment and one of the best indoor games for kids!

4. Bhatukli Set/Miniature Kitchen Playset

Desi Toys offers the premium kitchen pretend play set in pure brass with traditional Indian kitchen utensils which imitates an Indian kitchen’s daily cooking equipment. Playing with this kitchen set is extremely beneficial for a child as they will learn about one of the important functional activities of the daily life, learn about the utensils used, how to use them and also what to use them for! Buy made in India toys online that will teach your basic adult human functions from an early age so that they have a strong foundation and are also connected to their Indian roots.

5. Gulel/Catapult/Slingshot

Desi Toys offers the catapult; it is an aim and shoot toy that can be played indoors as well as in your backyard. It is a S.T.E.M toy that when played with helps in improving your child’s concentration, logic building skills as well as hand—eye coordination. The catapult also explains science & discovery to a young kid in a playful manner!