5 Reasons to be Indian and Play Indian Toys with your Kids on This Republic Day

Jan 20 , 2021

5 Reasons to be Indian and Play Indian Toys with your Kids on This Republic Day

Republic day is just around the corner and what better day than this to encourage your children to get in touch with their roots and learn more about India's rich cultural heritage.

Did you know that India has a rich legacy in toy-making? Historically Indian toys date back to 5000 years. The excavated toys found in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro included small carts, dolls,etc

Lets look at why and how we need to showcase and expose our tech savvy young generation to our Indian toys and games.

1) Bring back unplugged childhood days:

Playing games is an essential part of each of our growing up years. But due to increased dependency on gadgets, some of the old games, like Gili Danda, Lagori , have lost prominence.  Playing with Indian toys and games could be a great way to help your kids enjoy their childhood unplugged, just as you did!

2) Insight into the Indian culture:

Made in India toys are mostly based on traditional Indian themes like the Desi Toys Saap Seeedi (snakes and ladders) a game inspired from the Dahavtaaar. Such adaptations make Indian mythology  so much more interesting for children.

3) Support the local artisans #vocalforlocal :

Most of the Indian made toys are handcrafted by village artisans who are carriers of India’s rich legacy. By buying traditional Indian toys for your kids you can play a role to empower  Indian artisans.


4) Minimise your plastic usage:

Say no to plastic even when it comes  to buying toys for your children. The Indian made toys are usually made using wood, clay, fabric , non-toxic, lead-free materials which are safe for the environment

Plastic toys are generally toxic to the environment and add to the trash in the landfill. At least with a wooden or cloth toy, they break down and can be recycled faster.

5) Bring back the childhood nostalgia:

The traditional Indian toys are bound to take you down the memory lane, reminiscent of carefree childhood nostalgia with toys like Chowka Bara, Pitthu/Lagori, Lattu(Wooden spinning tops), and more! Do we need to give you any more reasons to shop for Indian toys and games for your children?

India has a rich culture of storytelling through its toys. Our ancestors have been preserving this culture by making toys that show a perspective of life.

Desi Toys is a homegrown brand and works with traditional artisans to bring back traditional toys like lagorigilli dandalattu, putt putt steam boat, the wooden kitchen set little children love to play with and so much more. Desi Toys is an “India Inspired, India Made”  brand that aims to revive classic and iconic Indian toys and games.

So make a conscious choice to buy Made In India toys for your kids! Head to their website at www.desitoys.in to avail the special ‘republic day offer” and have fun as you celebrate republic day with your kids!