Jul 29 , 2020


The lockdown has made virtual learning a new normal with students having to attend school online and with work from home and no household help, the pandemic outbreak has added one more task to the parents' list and that is to make sure learning continues for their children at home.

With household chores, office calls, attending to emails, grocery shopping, cooking, it can get hard for parents to spend time with children to ensure they are using this time for learning.

Try below tips to help you make learning more effective for your children at home:

1) Set a routine: With no morning rush for school or school routine, kids can slip into a holiday mode easily. Don't let that happen, make sure kids follow a fixed routine that has a good balance of learning and playing. Good idea will be to let them make a lsit of things they will like to do on a given day, so they can structure their day around it.

2) Use online learning apps: In the age of virtual learning, we encourage parents to choose the right sort of on-screen apps for their learners that give their learning a boost and help them develop new skills.

3) Watch educational shows/documentaries: A great way to learn and stay entertained! There are number of educational series on Netflix, YouTube that can help your children learn about a variety of topics like art, nature, design, history, travel.

4) Involve kids in household chores: Some of the essential life-skills can be acquired by doing simple household chores, doing things together gives you an opportunity to bond with your children, so while doing this involve them in cooking, cleaning their room, washing their dishes.

5) Play fun family games: Spending time with family is the most beautiful feeling and to cherish this one must play simple yet fun games with family. Popular games like chess, monopoly, carrom, etc teach important life skills to face competition and win and lose gracefully. Let us relive every moment while spending time at home.

While the above mentioned are some resources to help your kids learn at home there may be days when routines will fall out of place or when your kids would not be in a mood to do much. Remember not to force them, instead give them some time off to find ways to entertain and learn something on their own.

We applaud every parent who has stepped up during the corona virus pandemic and taken on the extra role of the teacher. With children at the risk of losing an opportunity to learn, everyone who intervenes to makes sure their learning continues deserves a huge round of applause!