Be Young at Heart by Playing with Educational Toys for Kids

Aug 19 , 2021

Be Young at Heart by Playing with Educational Toys for Kids

Toys occupy the largest space in your child's room and it is one of the biggest things parents spend money on, especially in early childhood years. 

With so many options in the market, how do you choose which is the best toy for your child? Do you buy toys to entertain your child for a while or to help your child learn something new while playing with them? This is an important question every parent must answer before pressing that ORDER button.

Why invest in educational toys?

1) Because what children learn while playing they never forget:As per research, children who play with the right educational toys develop better. Playing is by far the most natural form of learning. That is why investing in educational toys is important.

2) Educational toys encourage play: Children love playing, they do it because they enjoy it. Educational toys respond to that need. They are designed to promote and develop specific skills of your child and, not just provide entertainment.

3) Every child learns in  different ways 

Every child learns and grows in a different way. And the best way for them to learn is when they are not aware of it. At Desi Toys -every toy is educational and designed on the premise of "learning while playing", hence all our toys offer immense opportunities for 'disguised learning' while playing for children.

Take a look at 5 of our top-rated educational toys that are loved by parents all across the globe!

Ramayana Chauka Bara: A racing game with tales of Ramayana, wherein two to four players race their respective coins on a board to reach the innermost square. A fun-filled calculative game, that can be played anytime with anyone. 

Educational USP: Introduces children to mythology, builds communication and strategy skills.

Snake Cube Puzzle: Wooden puzzle game, wherein the jumbledup blocks in a snake-like structure have to be connected to form a cube.

Educational USP: Encourages children to take up challenges,  a brain-boosting activity for children.

Magnetic Chess: This unique magnetic chess set is made from Indian rosewood, with beautiful natural grains. Can be played by all the members of the family.

Educational USP: Develops thinking skills, logical reasoning & introduces the concept of winning and losing to children.

The Junge Memory Game: A card game designed with the theme of 'Incredible India' featuring birds and animals of India.

Educational USP: Boost memory, increase concentration and improve visual recognition

Slate: This slate board comes with slate pencils, a slate pencil box, and a slate duster.  It is just the right size to hold comfortably especially during this time of online classes. It is sturdy but not too heavy. Definitively worth buying.

Educational USP: Writing skills, creative art & drawing skills, boosting a child's imagination.

Educational toys are more than just fun and at  Desi Toys every toy is designed to enhance essential life skills in kids which are important for their growth and overall development.

Find the best educational toys that are made in India - at Desi Toys an online toys store in India offering timeless, iconic, and skill-enhancing popular Indian toys for kids.