Buy Top Toys Online for Every Age Kids from Desitoys

Sep 24 , 2021

Buy Top Toys Online for Every Age Kids from Desitoys

What is the first question that comes to your mind when you go shopping for your children? If our guess is correct, most likely you will be thinking about whether the toy is age-appropriate or not?

Yes, it is true! As children grow, they develop new interests & skills and giving them toys that are a good match for their age is an important factor when shopping for kids.

Find the best, age-appropriate, educational toys for your children at our online store

Toys from our  3-5 years age -group are the ones that help preschoolers develop their early childhood skills like fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sequencing & memory along with being child-safe and easy to use!

Our 3 bestsellers from this segment are:

Khel Paani/ Cooking set: Fun to play with these beautifully handcrafted wooden pretend kitchen sets that inspire the essential imaginary, pretend to play in children.

Hopscotch Play Mat: A backyard game that you enjoyed playing as a kid, is available in attractive colourful designs and can be enjoyed indoors too!

Jungle memory game: A simple card game to sharpen memory, increase concentration and improve visual recognition skills in children designed on the theme of ' Incredible India'.

Other toys in this category include slate, snake cube puzzle, Jungle bowling game, and more!

The rest of the toys and games from our collection can be enjoyed by anyone who is above 5 years! They are also ordered by parents across the globe as unique gifts on birthdays, party favours, etc.

Mancala/ Pallanguzhi: Designed using stones, seeds, and wood, this traditional Indian game encourages the kids to learn to count, to improve eye-hand coordination and concentration while playing. 

Gili Danda: Cricket fans go crazy with this popular childhood Indian game that every 90's kid will swear by! Perfect game to enjoy with your favourite group of friends on picnics or family outings.

Gulel: Bring back those happy childhood memories with this powerful wooden slingshot. One that you will not just like to play with but also showcase as a collectible too!

Being a ‘Made in India', homegrown brand- all the toys and games in our collection are truly authentic, inspired by hard-to-find traditional Indian games, and aim to bring back childhood nostalgia! Despite based on games played in olden times, our toys never grow old!

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