Gifting Tips to Get Your Child the Best Diwali Present

Oct 21 , 2021

Gifting Tips to Get Your Child the Best Diwali Present

Looking for festive Diwali gifts for your child or a loved one? Well, seeing their little faces light up with joy as they unwrap the gift is a priceless moment. This post is all about helping you choose that ideal gift for your child - one that combines play with learning!

5 tips to consider when choosing a gift for children this Diwali:

1) Buy gifts that encourage gadget-free play: Given the increase in screen time due to the pandemic, a gadget-free gift is much needed & a welcome break for today's kids who are spending most part of their day in virtual school.

Your best pick from Desi Toys: Steam Boat, Spinning tops, Cup Aur Gola, Yo-Yo & Spinner.

2) Gifts that can be shared: A must, especially if there are siblings involved!  We are referring to games & toys that involve more than 1 player, another best part about such gifts is that they help foster team spirit and group camaraderie in children from an early age.

Your best pick from Desi Toys: Outdoor games like -Lagori/ 7 stones, Gili Danda or  board games like - Ramayana Chauka Bara, Spot -n- Snap Card game or the Wooden Folding Chess.

3) Look for safety: Safety is of prime importance when shopping for toys and games for kids. Avoid toys that contain small parts, sharp edges that could be dangerous for children while playing.

Your best pick from Desi Toys:  High quality and child safety is our first priority while designing traditional, Made-In-India toys for children. Be it our wooden kitchen playset that contains small kitchen utensils inspired from the royal kitchen or the Hopscotch play mat that comes with anti-slip bottom to ensure it is safe for jumping. You will see safety first reflect in all our product designs. Go for your favourite without thinking twice!

4) Games/toys that last longer: Choose gifts that help you reduce waste and encourage reuse - go for a  toy or a game that can be used for years!

Your best pick from Desi Toys: Our games and toys can be played by people across age groups and therefore they are long-lasting, in fact, they are so truly authentic that they can easily serve as collectibles,  even after the children have outgrown them. Check out our Buddhijaal/ Solitaire, 5 stones, Snake Cube Puzzle, Handcrafted Mancala

5) Gifts that inspire learning: Play is our brain's favourite way of learning! So why not gift something that combines the two seamlessly?

Your best pick from Desi Toys: While all our toys are truly educational in nature & help develop essential life skills in children as they play, here are some of the bestsellers in this segment: Bada Bhool Bhulaiya, Jungle Memory Game, Gulel, Khel Paani/ Cooking set & more!

That's not all! Head to our website to check out the entire collection of toys and games online. We've listed it category-wise & age-group-wise to help you make a good decision and offer you the best shopping experience online!


Happy Shopping!