How to Spend Quality Fun Time with Kids

May 26 , 2021

How to Spend Quality Fun Time with Kids

It's the second time that we are experiencing being shut at home and spending as much time as possible with family in the cocoon of safety. If you are blessed with a home and the loving family members, then make the most of it and do not think to even step out, but the question is, how would you spend quality time?

Let us suggest you the easiest and most entertaining way out , the traditional Indian toys, and guess what, you don't have to go anywhere to find them, order at and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Here we tell you how are these playthings so joyful.

1. Go for mind games and fun activity toys 

After seeing Lagori, Gillidanda, Gulel, nostalgia might hit you and take you to the olden times when you as a kid used to play with these games with your siblings, isn't it? Let's revive the memories once again. Let the child in you become alive once again while you indulge in mind games or fun activity toys with your munchkins. Thinking where to buy them?  Here we give you a quick solution - Desi Toys, the number one Online Toys Store for the most amazing Indian toys and games.

Now the question is, how to decide mind games or fun activity toys - In our opinion, the toys should be a mix of both so that along with enjoying, kid’s mind also sharpens so  that overall development goes hand-in-hand.

2. Say no to imported playthings

Made in India - Just like these golden words make the parents proud, the children should also grow with the same patriotic feeling and that will only be possible if you teach them from the very beginning. Instead of imported games, buy traditional Indian toys and tell them the advantages over those toxic ones, gradually they will have the mindset like yours.

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