Make Christmas Memorable With Online Toys Shopping In India

Dec 09 , 2021

Make Christmas Memorable With Online Toys Shopping In India

The best time of the year Christmas is here and we are sure, children have already started writing their letters to Santa asking for their most favourite  Christmas gift this year!

As a parent, if you are wondering how to make Christmas special for your children, head to our online store where you will find the best of made-in-India toys and games that guarantees hours of fun play along with helping your child develop essential life-skills!

So just shop online for toys & games from Desi Toys to spread the Christmas cheer this year:

Indian Tea Pretend Playset:

A timeless toy set that kids across generations have enjoyed playing with. The wooden  Tea Set  by Desi Toys is beautifully handcrafted by Indian artisans which is one of the best ways to encourage pretend play in children above 3 years.  The Brass Kitchen set is a collection of all iconic utensils used traditionally in Royal Indian homes and palaces.  We even have a beautiful wooden kitchen set. Get one for your child here.

Magnetic Chess:

Here is a travel-friendly version of the traditional game of Shatranj or Chess, handcrafted in sheesham wood, designed with a magnetic chessboard such that the pieces always remain intact unless you decide to move them. Travel-friendly strategy game, perfect as a collectible & home décor. Place your order here.

Jungle Bowling Game:

Bowling becomes more fun & engaging when the animals in the jungle turn up as pins! The wooden pins are brightly coloured with cute  animals that make the game even more exciting for kids! Shop here


We bet your kids will be delighted to receive this unique game as a Christmas gift this year! Believed to be one of the oldest known two-player board games in the world! This is a two-player turn-based strategy board game played with small stones, beans, or seeds-perfect to practice math skills for children. Order now.

Spinning tops:

Oh, what joy to watch the spinning top go spinning – fun and meditative at the same time! This comeback traditional indoor game never fails to bring back the childhood nostalgia,  entertain and put a smile on children! Shop online for it here.

Explore more such unique, comeback toys and games from traditional India and enjoy the childhood nostalgia online on

These are definitely the perfect gifts to leave under the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!