Nostalgia Unveiled: Rediscovering Popular Childhood Indian Toys and Games from the 90s

Jan 16 , 2024

Nostalgia Unveiled: Rediscovering Popular Childhood Indian Toys and Games from the 90s


The 90s era in India was a time of simplicity, joy, and innocence. One of the fondest memories from that era revolves around the traditional Indian toys and Indian games that were an integral part of every Indian child's upbringing. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the most cherished childhood toys from the 90s, along with a glimpse into the traditional Indian games that added an extra layer of joy to our formative years.

Childhood Toys from the 90s:
  1. Gully Cricket Sets:
    • The streets were our playground, and gully cricket was our religion. Gully cricket sets, complete with a plastic bat, tennis ball, and makeshift stumps, epitomized the spirit of friendly neighbourhood matches.
  2. Marbles (Kanche):
    • The clinking sound of marbles colliding, the thrill of a well-executed shot – playing marbles, or "kanche" as it is colloquially known, was a simple yet captivating game that brought children together in the schoolyards and bylanes.
  3. Spinning Tops (Lattoo):
    • Crafted from wood and painted in vibrant colors, spinning tops or "lattoo" were a favorite among kids. The challenge was to make the top spin gracefully and outlast the competition in spinning battles.
  4. Gilli Danda:
    • A game of precision and skill, gilli danda involved hitting a smaller wooden stick (gilli) with a larger one (danda). This traditional game not only promoted physical activity but also fostered camaraderie among children.
  5. Rubber Balls:
    • Whether it was playing catch or engaging in a friendly game of seven stones, rubber balls were an essential part of every 90s kid's toy collection. The versatility of these balls made them a staple for various outdoor games.
Traditional Indian Games:
  1. Kabaddi:
    • Kabaddi, a sport deeply rooted in Indian culture, saw a resurgence in popularity during the 90s. Kids would enthusiastically form teams and play this tag-based game, showcasing their agility and strategic prowess.
  2. Pitthu (Seven Stones):
    • A game of precision and teamwork, pitthu involved stacking seven flat stones and attempting to knock them down with a ball. It required coordination and strategy, making it a beloved choice for outdoor play.
  3. Langdi:
    • Langdi, also known as "four corners," was a game that challenged agility and speed. Players had to hop on one leg to tag opponents while avoiding being tagged themselves, making it a delightful game of physical prowess.


As we reflect on the childhood toys and games from the 90s, a wave of nostalgia washes over us. These simple yet captivating toys and games not only provided entertainment but also laid the foundation for enduring friendships and a love for traditional Indian play. In an age dominated by digital entertainment, the memories of gully cricket, spinning tops, and kabaddi remain as a testament to the joy and simplicity of a bygone era, forever etched in the hearts of those who experienced it.