Online Toy Shop - Buy Traditional Indian Games at Best Price

Jul 18 , 2022

Online Toy Shop - Buy Traditional Indian Games at Best Price

Children can benefit from toys as they grow mentally and physically. There are a wide variety of toys available, each with special qualities of its own. One of the best online toy shop in India, Desi Toys, offers children's toys directly through its website.

While some toys can help your child learn, you might find yourself spending a lot of money on items that have no educational value. On the other hand, buy traditional indian games offer considerably more than the most cutting-edge educational toys. It is now a lot simpler for parents to provide for their children in India because of the accessibility of educational toys for kids.

The introduction and development of video games and cellphones have caused kids to lose interest in the traditional games that were formerly well-liked in India. Despite the fact that many traditional games are still mostly played in rural regions. In this world that is changing and evolving so quickly, there are some that have been long forgotten.

Here are a few traditional Indian games:

Gilli Danda

Indians used to participate in this traditional sport long before cricket was introduced to the continent. As the name implies, "Gilli Danda" calls for a long wooden stick called a "Danda" and a smaller oval-shaped wooden piece called a "Gilli." In order to score as many runs as possible, the player must strike the Gilli at the raised end, which flips in the air. Similar to cricket, the defending team's players strive to catch the hitter by catching the Gilli.


This game is highly well-liked among children across the nation, and it goes by several names in different regions. Pitthu is a game in which players use a ball, ideally a rubber or tennis ball, and six or seven flat stones stacked vertically. In this game, one team tries to hit the stack of stones with the ball from a distance while the other team races to gather the ball and strike one of the attacking side's players.


Given the fact that chess is played on a checkered board with 64 squares organized in an 8x8 grid, it was invented in India. Prior to the seventh century, it is thought that this strategy game was inspired from the ancient Indian game Chaturanga.


The board game Pachisi, which is played on a board fashioned like a symmetrical cross, has its origins in mediaeval India. A throw of six or seven cowrie shells determines how many spaces a player's pieces must travel in this game, and the number of shells that land with its aperture up indicates how many spaces to move. The term "pachis," which in Hindi means "twenty-five," is the source of the game's name. Twenty-five is the highest score that can be achieved with cowrie shells. It is also known as chaupar, a game that is mentioned in the Hindu epic "The Mahabharata."

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