Power of Toys – How Games and Toys Help Kids Thrive

Feb 10 , 2022

Power of Toys – How Games and Toys Help Kids Thrive

A child receives nourishment in many forms, be it through food, knowledge, physical activity, etc. Every task, no matter how menial, that a child does helps in the development of their motor skills and functioning. One of the most essential ways for a child to develop is through games like playing with a toy, solving puzzles, playing board games with their peers, etc.

Nowadays many children, especially in urban cities, are accustomed to playing games online which sure is alright once in a while but are robbing them of the wonders that are offered by Indian toys for kids. Sure, there are things that can be learned through online games as well but the authenticity of a board game played with someone can never match a screen game, staring at screens for long hours is also not very good for the eyes and health, and one should always be advised of not exposing children at an early age to the internet.

Here, at Desi Toys which is an online toys store in India, games that you have fond memories of from your childhood are brought to your kids so that they can play with their families and strengthen the bond, better their eye-hand coordination skills and more. Games like Chess, Brainvita, Solitaire Game, Spot & Snap card Game, The Jungle Memory Card Game offered on our website are some of the most interesting games that help in the development of a child’s brain by introducing them to the concepts of and bettering their strategizing, memory, identification and coordination skills.

We also offer classic Indian toys for kids like Gulel/Catapult, Spinning Tops, Gili Danda, Lagori which is also known as 7 Stones; these games help in hand-eye coordination, target assessing, betters eye movement and many other functions that growing children can benefit from. The Yo-Yo we offer helps in controlling skills and other such benefits with a wide range of toys.

Desi Toys is one of the best online toys stores as an ‘Indian Inspired, India Made’ brand that was established to not only revive iconic and classic Indian toys but also bring to you new products that contain the nostalgic factor and help the kids connect to their country, Incredible India, better. Such nostalgic games also help the children to connect better with their parents and grandparents who have played the very same games and will be teaching the children while improving their communication and bonds.