Procure Interesting & Traditional Toys for Kids on Independence Day

Aug 10 , 2023

Procure Interesting & Traditional Toys for Kids on Independence Day

The occasion of India's Independence Day signifies a period of festivity, reflection, and solidarity. As the nation marks its liberation, it presents a splendid chance for caregivers and parents to involve youngsters in purposeful endeavors that provide both amusement and insights into the nation's vibrant cultural legacy. An exemplary approach to achieve this is by acquainting children with captivating and age-old traditional toys in India that have held a special place across generations.

The Significance of Traditional Toys:

In an era dominated by modern gadgets and technology, traditional kids toys in India hold a special place. They offer children a tangible connection to their roots and an opportunity to experience the joy and simplicity of play as it used to be. By introducing traditional toys, you can help your child appreciate the past and the values that have shaped the nation.

Top Traditional Toys to Consider:

  1. Wooden Spinning Tops/Lattu: Perhaps the most captivating among traditional toys, these tops exude an irresistible vintage charm. Devoid of batteries or electronics, they embody the simplicity and allure of classic playthings. While these tops can be enjoyed indoors, the excitement multiplies when your children unveil this little wellspring of delight from their pockets during playdates with friends or on outdoor adventures. 

  1. Traditional Board Games: Games such as "Pallanguzhi," "Ludo," “Bada Bhul Bhulaiya/Labyrinth,” and "Snakes and Ladders" have been enjoyed across India for generations. Beyond their role in offering amusement, these games actively foster the development of strategic thinking and social skills.

  1. Tin Toy Boat: It's astonishing how the tiniest objects can yield tremendous marvels! The Tin Toy Boat propels itself using steam. It sparks curiosity and encourages a deeper appreciation for science. This revived collector's item consistently evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia, providing both entertainment and heartwarming smiles.

  1. Wooden Indian Kitchen Set: Immerse your child in the enchanting world of creativity and imaginative play with a Wooden Indian Kitchen Set. With this toy set, your child can embark on culinary adventures, whipping up imaginary meals, and learning about the ingredients and tools used in Indian cooking.

  1. Wooden Gulel/Catapult: Rooted in its classic essence, this toy offers versatile entertainment. Indoors, it transforms into a game where one aims foam balls at a tower of paper cups, utilizing the supplied components. Alternatively, it flourishes outdoors, becoming an ideal companion for family excursions. This engaging activity empowers kids to refine their aiming prowess while nurturing qualities like focus and concentration.

Where to Find Traditional Toys:

Traditional toys in India are readily available at nearby markets, craft fairs, and even on specialized online stores focusing on cultural and traditional merchandise. Opting for Desi Toys & Games Pvt.Ltd. presents an excellent opportunity, allowing you to seize fantastic deals. These playthings frequently boast vivid hues and are meticulously crafted from environmentally friendly materials, aligning with a sustainable ethos. Our commitment to crafting these kids toys with precision and employing the most suitable materials is unwavering, leaving no detail overlooked.

Engaging Activities for Independence Day:

To make the India Independence Day experience even more meaningful, consider organizing activities like storytelling sessions about freedom fighters, creating a mini-history lesson with visual aids, or even arranging a mock flag hoisting ceremony. These activities can help children connect emotionally with the significance of the day.

Summing Up:

Amidst the nationwide commemoration of its dearly earned liberation, seize the moment to acquaint your children with the delights of timeless toys. These traditional toys in India offer more than mere amusement; they function as portals to delve into India's cultural legacy and the sacrifices of our ancestors. Through such engagements, you foster sentiments of pride, gratitude, and togetherness among the younger generation, assuring the enduring vitality of the Independence Day spirit in the years ahead.