Rediscovering Fun: Top 10 Traditional Games of India

Apr 12 , 2024

Rediscovering Fun: Top 10 Traditional Games of India

In today's digital entertainment era, there's a noticeable neglect of traditional Indian toys. With its abundant heritage and a legacy of Indian traditional indoor games, it holds a treasure encompassing sports, and games that have been cherished and passed down through generations.

Here are the top 10 traditional games of India

  • Pachisi: The Royal Game

  • Some centuries ago in ancient India, Pachisi was originally played. It is not chess or domino or backgammon, but something that you might remember this game from the Epic story of Mahabharat.

  • Gilli-Danda

  • The other game's demanding namesake is Gilli-Danda, the outdoor game that requires only two things- a small stick (Gilli) and a larger one (danda). Players take turns hitting the gilli, trying to send it flying into the air and then hitting it as far as possible.

  • Kabaddi

  • India has Kabaddi in its roots as a part of their cultural sport that is being used as a storytelling strategy. The game goes on these teams, each consisting of a member trying to tag the competitors by repeating "kabaddi kabaddi." 

  • Lagori/Sitoliya/Pitthu/Seven Stones

  • Lagori/Sitoliya/Pitthu/Seven Stones is a sport mixed with physical greatness as the players are tested for accuracy and coordination. 

  • Kancha

  • Kancha is an enjoyable form of Indian children's game, liked by all. Players imitate the situation by taking turns to put their marbles into a small hole, which is in the ground, and push out of their opponents' marbles. 

  • Chhuppan Chhuppai

  • "Chhung-Mun" or "Taktengasui," or  “hide and seek”, is one of the pioneering games that are familiar to kids of all age groups. It is an Indian kids' recreation where one kid turns others into hide and seek while they close their eyes and begin to count. 

  • Kho-Kho

  • Kho-Kho is a traditional game that has found a blend between the game of tag and running. Placed in two groups, each of which tries to catch and tag members of the other team that is constantly on the move. 

  • Chowka Bhara

  • The game of Chowka Bhara in India, which can be considered a replica of the Ludo, is another Indian traditional indoor game. It is all about the play on the board that is formed by the cross with four arms & the piece of players is moved around the board with the throw of a die. 

  • Gulel/Catapult

  • Gulel/Catapult, ancient siege engines, launches projectiles with elastic force. It is a traditional Indian sling which propels stones or pellets enhancing hand eye coordination and concentration.

  • Spinning Tops

  • Spinning tops, timeless toys, balance physics and fun. With a flick, they whirl, mesmerizing with their motion. Simple yet captivating entertainment


    Glued to technology, it is a wonderful relief to play the Indian traditional indoor games and discover the antiquity of our nation. From strategic board games to energetic outdoor activities, these games have stood the test of time and continue to bring joy to people of all ages.