Tips for Buying Premium Quality Wooden Toys for Kids

Jan 12 , 2023

Tips for Buying Premium Quality Wooden Toys for Kids

  • Each of our toys have benefits in terms of kids learning from them; our extensive range of educational toys are a great learning tool for young children as they offer help with the development of skills like logic building, memory, team-work, object recognition, social skills, strategy building, aiming at target, concentration, science & discovery, role play, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, etc. Under each toy, we mention the benefits that your child would get so that you can choose the one that your child needs the most. Say, for example, your child is having trouble with concentration or you want to make sure they have good coordination skills early on, the spinning top toy that we offer at Desi Toys, is an excellent toy to play with as it helps the child with eye-hand coordination, concentration, logic building and an understanding of science & discovery!


  • Made with materials like handcrafted premium quality wood and brass, our games and toys are not just educational but also extremely safe for the kids! Our brass and wooden toys are also 100% plastic free and do not even have any small plastic parts which could harm a child if they accidentally ingest it. What makes our wooden toys even more premium is that they are completely toxin-free! This is a reflection of how traditional Indian toys originally were and we, at Desi Toys, are bringing it back! So, if your child is known to often put the toys in their mouth, then buying them wooden and toxin-free toys is the best option! Be it a catapult/Gulel or a pretend kitchen playset, we offer premium quality wooden toys as well as brass toys that you can choose from. 


  • In this day and age of the tech-savvy generation, going back to one’s roots is important for cultural growth. We offer traditional Indian toys that the kid’s parents and grandparents have grown up playing up and have the motto of ‘India Inspired, India Made’ etched! Buy Desi Toys fun games and toys that will make your child get off their computer and enjoy a much-needed simple playtime!

If you are looking for great deals on kid’s toy sale, then you are at the right place as Desi Toys has great deals and offers on games and toys that will not only entertain your child but also educate them while keeping harm at bay; all this while imparting a little bit of Indianness and sharing a piece of your childhood!