What to Look For When Buying Indian Toys for Kids?

Dec 23 , 2020

What to Look For When Buying Indian Toys for Kids?

Walk into a toy store and you are sure to get overwhelmed by the variety of toys and games available in the market. From local to global, you will find toys from multiple brands to choose from.

But if you are a parent who prefers Indian toys for kids, here are some important  points that you should consider to choose the right toy to buy for your child:

1) Safe for children: Warning labels give important information about how to use a toy and what age the toy is safe for. Avoid toys with toxic materials, also when buying toys for babies and toddlers make sure all toys and parts are larger than your child's mouth to prevent choking. Most Indian made toys are made of high-quality wooden finish, with no sharp edges that allow hours of creative play for the kids.

2) Educational in nature: Toys should not just be fun but they should also help your children develop & enhance their skills like creativity, communication, problem-solving, self-expression, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. All our toys at Desi Toys are designed to help children develop important life skills at an early age. Take a look here

3) Simple and fun: Children enjoy toys that come with fewer instructions and rules to follow. So make sure you choose toys that are simple to play with.  The Lattoo or spinning top, Cup And Gola, Labyrinth Maze, Kitchen sets all are a few of the bestsellers from our collection when it comes to promoting free play in children.


4) Connect with Indian culture : If it is an Indian made toy, it should have roots in Indian storytelling and play. The toy/ game should be able to connect children to the Indian culture and traditions. Some of our popular toys like the Gilli danda and Steamboat is designed to retain the element of nostalgia with classic toys for parents too! Browse the collection here


5) Parent-child bonding:  The best way for parents to spend time with their children is by playing with them. Most of the Indian made games especially board games require more than 2-3 players, so parents can also join the game and spend quality time bonding with kids.

These are some of the thoughts that go into designing Desi Toys and we hope you find these pointers useful to help you shop for the right set of toys for your kids and make their playtime a meaningful experience.