Why do You Need Indian Games for Little Kids?

Sep 13 , 2021

Why do You Need Indian Games for Little Kids?

Gilli Danda, lagori, spinning top- which of these were your favourite childhood games?  As parents, we’ve all enjoyed our share of both indoor and outdoor games that made our childhood so special. Well, how many traditional games of India do your children play or know about?

While the toy market is filled with all kinds of latest battery-operated toys or screen supported games, the simple, traditional games are really hard to find!

At Desi Toys you will find India’s most authentic traditional toys and games that you grew up playing with, especially the ones you would love your child to play with!

Why should kids play with traditional Indian toys you ask?

1) Traditional Indian toys have so much to offer- Toys like  our Steamboat, the Cup and Gola, Gulel, Yo-yo spinner,  kitchen sets –stimulate intellectual and physical growth in children.

2) Children learn about our culture and mythology - Our board games like Ramayana Chauka Bara, Goats & Tigers/Bagh Bakri are perfect to introduce and inculcate the learnings from our mythology for children from a young age.

3) Traditional toys promote interaction between generations – Games like 5 stones, spinning top, Mancala/ Pallanguzhi, chess from the Desi Toys collection can be enjoyed by all the members of the family including grandparents.

4) They are environment friendly & child-safe too- Handcrafted with wood by local artisans, the no-plastic, non-toxic paints & quality finish makes the Desi Toys absolutely safe not just for the children but also for the environment too. They are all ISI certified for quality and safety

5) Traditional toys keep children away from screens – keeping children away from gadgets have been one of the biggest challenges for parents post-pandemic. Designed using simple, ancient techniques, with minimal instructions -our collection of toys instill creativity and bring simple joys of playing for each child- by keeping things simple and gadget-free!

Another benefit of playing with traditional toys is that it boosts children’s social skills, imagination, camaraderie and many other essential life-skills!

Get started! Check out our toys under the All Products collection and order your child’s favourite right away!