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Cup & Ball, Cup aur Gola

Brand: Desi Toys
Product Code: Cup & Ball, Cup aur Gola
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Cup & Ball game consists of a small wooden ball connected to the handle of the cup by a string. The main goal of the game is to get the ball into the cup. While the concept is very easy, mastering the game sometimes requires many hours of practice. To play, the player holds the cup by the handle and lets the ball hang freely. The player then tosses the ball upward by jerking the arm holding the toy, attempting to catch the ball in the cup. If he/she succeeds at getting the ball in the cup, he/she gets one point.Easy to store and carry measuring  6.9"x2.2"x2.2" made in superior quality wood and handcrafted with beautiful lacquer colours. 'Desi Toys' brings this classic and popular game enjoyed by everyone.

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5 to 7 Yes
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