5 Classic Indian toys & games while travelling with kids

Jun 20 , 2022

5 Classic Indian toys & games while travelling with kids

What toys & games to pack in my travel bag! We bet this is one of the most commonly searched questions on the internet by parents! Our post today gives a round of the top 5 travel-friendly, easy to carry games & toys from the Desi Toys collection that help keep your kids engaged & entertained on long & short journeys both!

Spinning top

A timeless, simple wooden toy that rates high on wonder & joy with every rotation! Perfect for those indoor hotel room time when you have finished your must-see outdoor itinerary for the day!

Magnetic Chess Board Game

Yes! Our version of the chess game comes with magnetic chessmen and a board - so go ahead and play that game even in a moving car, your pieces are not going to move unless you move them! Perfect for the long road trip with kids isn't it?

Cup & Ball

Now! If you are planning to steal some ‘me time’ this holiday and wondering how to make that happen with kids around – you need this amazing game! Cup & Ball is sure to keep your children hooked on it for hours together as they work up their hand-eye coordination skills to get the ball in the cup.


Another one from our online toy store – this game commonly known as Brainvita opens up new ways of solving a problem every time you take to it. Engaging, carry it to the poolside at the resort, you can take a swim while your children boost their brain power playing with this game.

5 Stones

Going on your annual trip with the family? This ancient game of 5 stones played with cowrie shells in traditional India, available in its cool sustainable version at our online store is sure to bring back childhood nostalgia and open a box of sweet playtime memories for uncle and aunts & grandparents too! Find out what makes this game so special here.

Make wonderful travel memories with your children! Shop for Made in India, wooden toys and games handcrafted by local artisans, gadgets free, timeless, come-back toys from our online toys and games store www.desitoys.in