5 Reasons Why Children Should Play with Indian Toys

Mar 14 , 2023

5 Reasons Why Children Should Play with Indian Toys

  1. Our beloved Indian toys can be a sight for sore eyes, literally! In this era of our tech-savvy lifestyles with children spending all their time on screens, be it studying or playing, Indian traditional toys can be a break from video games for the child and a huge relief for the parents as the child will get their eyes off phones and computers for a while. But the screen isn’t all that bad as we, at Desi Toys, are one of the online toys’ stores and offer our entire range here! 

  2. Playing with Indian toys will help a child bond better with their family; Desi Toys offers Indian toys that you, your parents and grandparents grew up playing with, so certainly your child would find it fascinating as well as enjoy playing with their elders while listening to their stories about how they enjoyed their childhood playtime.  

  3. Desi Toys’ traditional Indian toys and games offer not only a wide range of products but also a wide range of benefits that your child can derive from playing with our toys. Toys, especially Indian toys are highly beneficial when it comes to adapting certain skills that come with playing with them. A child can learn skills like hand-eye coordination, memory, image recognition, social skills, planning, strategy building, logic building, aim, teamwork, functional skills, organisation skills and much more with our extensive toy range.  

  4. ‘India Inspired, India Made’ is one of our main mottos along with ‘Being Indian, Buying Indian Products, at Desi Toys, one of the top online toys’ stores! Being Indian, using made in India products hit different and it is not even just about contributing to the economy but the connection one feels! In this day and age of globalisation, keeping our children rooted and in-touch with our culture sure is difficult but easy with keeping the basics like toys and games, traditional.

  5. Traditional Indian toys are a class apart with them being played for generations and still having great entertainment factor, excellent teachings and known for being amongst the top intellectual games. Buy your kids Chess (originated in India as Chaturanga/Chaturaji), Lattu/Spinning Top, Indian kitchen set with all the replicas of items from a regular Indian kitchen and Gulel/Catapult and contribute to their overall development! Playing with the kitchen set will teach your child functional skills from an early age, the Gulel will help them with aiming and Chess, well one doesn’t even have to mention the immense benefits of this super Indian game.

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