90’s Kid Steam Toy Boat Now Available at Desi Toys

Mar 11 , 2023

90’s Kid Steam Toy Boat Now Available at Desi Toys

If you are a 90’s child you would remember the steam toy boat from your childhood days! Usually found in fairs the steam boat always appelaed to the curiosity of a young minds & never failed to amaze them.

We at Desi Toys are proud to bring back to market Indian toys & games that have been long forgotten & replaced by their imported counterparts. Yes! The 90’s toy boat is on our shelves – here is what makes it worth a buy for your children!

Nostalgic & iconic:

Bring back the childhood nostalgia! Share the joy of playing with your favourite toy boat with your child with our put put naav –the one you played while growing up!

Science & Discovery: This is the prefect STEAM toy to boost your child’s curiosity & encourage them to generate science queries while they observe & undertand the principles of  science that makes this boat function so seamlessly.

Logic Building: Watching the movement of the steam boat will help children develop logical reasoning skills as they undertand cause & effect behind the functioning of the steam boat.

Lab tested for quality & safety: Just like the other toys and games in our collection – even the steam boat is lab tested for safety

Long handle & safety: This ensures additional safety for children & makes the toy 100% child proof.

Extra Candle: As the name suggests the steam boat runs on the steam generated by the lighting of the candle under the boiler inside the boat. Once the candle is over, use a wick and oil in the candle holder and play again. We’ve added one more candle to ensure the fun lasts longer for children.

Lithograph printed: The steam boat is brighlty coloured with vibrant designs which adds to the visual appeal . It makes for a great collectible & gifting item as well.

Thick tin sheet  & rounded non-sharp edges : Designed by local artisans, every care is taken to ensure the toy doesn’t  have any pointed or rough edges that can cause injury to children. Since there is use of fire, parental supervision is important.

Shop online for this masterpice – a bundle of wonder and joy ! Relive your childhood years & let your child embrace the joy of playing with simple, screen-free toys! Click here to shop this boat hear

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