Benefits of Reducing Screen Time Amongst Kids

May 20 , 2021

Benefits of Reducing Screen Time Amongst Kids

The lockdowns in the country have resulted in an increase in screen time amongst kids across age groups. 

With schools and after school classes shift to the online mode to continue the education and learning process for children, minimizing the screen-time seems to have emerged as a big challenge for parents.

Excess screen time can cause ill effects  like dry eye syndrome , disturbed sleep, headaches, body ache, weight gain, decreased appetite,etc. Thus, parents have started bucketing activities into good screen time versus bad screen time. 

While monitoring screen time and content don't immediately lead to changes, but over time, cutting down on screen time can benefit children in many ways:

1) Kids sleep more: Numerous studies have shown that blue light from a screen is harmful to natural sleep hormones and reduced screen time helps in reduced eyestrain.

2) Reducing screen time frees up more time for playing with friends and spending time with family.

3) Reduction in screen time can helps create more time for being physically active, reading, doing homework, thus helping children do better at school.

 4) Reduced screen time leads to better focus: As per studies, children spending less time on screens were found to be more emotionally stable and were better at finishing tasks and making friends as compared to those who spent more hours of a day on screens (not including schoolwork).

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Establish clear rules and limits for screen time for your children.

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