Best Kitchen Set Shopping for Kids from Online Toy Stores

Jan 17 , 2022

Best Kitchen Set Shopping for Kids from Online Toy Stores

The global omicron wave has taken the world by storm and once again the rising cases have imposed fresh restrictions on our outdoor movements. For parents, it means, closure of schools, after-school classes, play areas, parks and no play  dates. Indoor playtime is back on the cards and so is the question of what should I play now?

Head to to explore a wide –range of Made In India games and toys inspired by traditional childhood games from your childhood. From Spinning tops to Gulel, to Chess you are sure to feel a surge of nostalgia while browsing through our collection.

But if you ask us one play set that has gained immense love and appreciation from the parenting community from our online collection is our Kitchen sets.

We tell you why you need to add Desi Toy’s kitchen sets to your online shopping cart:

Screen-free entertainment: Playing with our kitchen set is simple! No instructions, no batteries, no gadgets needed. Just open the box and get down to experience the joy of pure play!

Superior Quality: Be it the wooden kitchen playset, handcrafted in Ivory wood or the Brass kitchen set –both versions of our kitchen playset are in popular demand because of their superior finish, attention to details while designing  & the usage of non-toxic materials which makes them child-friendly.

Encourages pretend play: While playing with the kitchen set, children come up with various creative ideas like setting up a restaurant, taking food orders,  or pretending to make their favourite dish using the kitchen set- all these are signs of healthy pretend play which is an important part of childhood.

Gifting item:  The kitchen set also makes for a great birthday gift for the little ones, especially when indoor play is the order of the day.

Collectible: You will be surprised if we tell you that most of our online orders from across the world for our kitchen sets are not just for the purpose of playing but also as a souvenir or as a reminder of those lovely childhood days.

What makes this set unique is the collection of all iconic utensils used traditionally in Royal Indian homes and palaces.

Shop for Desi Toys kitchen set online at and let your child discover the joy of playing with classic, authentic, iconic toys and games, made in India.