Best Tips for Choosing Toys for Your Lovely Kids

Feb 14 , 2022

Best Tips for Choosing Toys for Your Lovely Kids

Including playtime in a child’s daily schedule is one of the most important things to do for their overall development. Just studying isn’t enough; kids need to indulge in outdoor as well as indoor sports and games. We all know the importance of outdoor sports but did you know that indoor games like playing with toys, board games and other such activities are as essential for a child’s brain development. Many games open the child to the basics of counting, arithmetic, logical reasoning, teamwork, analytical skills and more which is why we let our children indulge in playing with toys since an early age. You can buy toys online India here, at Desi Toys, for your kids and let them go on a trip over your memory lane as the games available are classic Indian games that we all have grown up playing.

With emphasis on ‘Being Indian, Buying Indian’ increasing, we, at Desi Toys, have brought you a wide range of Indian games that can be enjoying by your child alone, with friends as well as with family.

Before Choosing Toys for your Kids, Consider the Following:

  • This kid’s toys online shopping site has games like Chess, Brainvita, Solitaire Game, Spot & Snap card Game, The Jungle Memory Card Game which help to develop the child’s brain. If your kid seems to find it hard to grasp the concepts of spotting items or struggles to remember things while studying, then you can buy games mentioned above to help them understand and better their skills in an interesting way.
  • If your kid has a keen interest in playing house with their friends or you want to teach your child life skills like how the kitchen functions, the concepts of cooking, etc. early on, Desi Toys also offers toy sets like Brass Kitchen Pretend Playset, Cooking Set, Teatime Playset, etc. so that the kid can learn hands on instead from a book.


  • If you want your child to spend more time with the family instead of playing on electronic devices all the time, then you can pick from a plethora of classic Indian toy options like Gili-Danda, Cup aur Gola/Cup & Ball, Spinning Top, Gulel/Catapult etc. and buy toys online India which are not only fun to play with but also help the child bond with the parents and elders of the family as they have grown up playing those and can help the child learn the game which will improve their bond, communication skills across generations and, of course, various skills that come with playing the game.