Buy Best Indian Toys Online for Kids in This Festival Season for Gifting

Oct 17 , 2020

Buy Best Indian Toys Online for Kids in This Festival Season for Gifting

As social distancing becomes the way of the world, online gifting will also be counted as the ‘new normal’ this festive season!

But searching for the right festive gift for kids can be a time-consuming affair, especially for a parent working from home. As a parenting brand, we’ve made the job easy for you!

The toy-makers at ‘Desi Toys’ recommend the following 5 games as online gifts for kids that will surely make them smile!

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1 ) Handpainted Pencils set of 5/Rangeen Kalam:

Unique and artistically hand painted set of 5 pencils each of 8 inches in length. The artistic bird & animal figures are fixed on the top and  one has to sharpen the pencil from the bottom.

Beautiful & lovely gift for festival for kids! Shop here to get 50% Off.

2) Brass Kitchen Set :

With restrictions on kids play dates due to the pandemic outbreak, pretend play toys are back in trend!

This beautifully handcrafted kitchen set is straight out of a royal family’s kitchen! With brass finish, and no sharp edges, this is perfect for gifting the little budding chefs who will be able to cook and serve up imaginative fun festive sweets! Shop here

3) Mind Games Combo Pack of 3 :

We have a fun combination of classic mind games which will keep all of us engaged for hours away from the gadget world. They are as challenging for adults as for kids. Game play requires hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills and will aid in children's growth and development in a fun way! To get 40% off, Shop here

4) Putt Putt Nav/Steam Boat:

Our bestseller for every season and a classic toy that is loved not just by the kids but even the adults for all the childhood nostalgia attached to it!

This tiny steam boat is an interesting educative toy as well to teach children about the power of steam. Shop here to get 30% off.

5) Cup and Gola :

Made with superior quality wood and handcrafted with beautiful lacquer colours, this Cup Aur Gola is a popular Indian game that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Each player needs to ensure the ball falls back into the cup, while it may seem easy, learning the trick of the game sometimes requires hours of practice! Shop Here to get 40% off

As we all know, this year the festive season is going to be less about wearing new clothes and going outside, but more about celebrating at home with your family, these toys from Desi Toys collection inspired from ancient Indian traditions will serve as great conversation starters and connect the kids better to Indian stories and how it was growing up in ancient India.

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