Buy Tradional Indian Toys & Games at Affordable Price

Apr 17 , 2021

Buy Tradional Indian Toys & Games at Affordable Price

Desi Toys offers some of the best handcrafted, wooden,  made in India toys and games for children which not just help to enhance skills being educational in nature but also offer parents a chance to reconnect with their childhood days with games like Gili Danda, Lagori, 5 stones & more!

To add to this, the attractive pocket friendly price range makes Desi Toys collection affordable for many families not just living in India but all across the world!

Take a look at some of the toys and games from our STAY AT HOME collection that offer value for your money!

1) Snake Cube Puzzle/ Ghan Akar Brain Teaser

Here is the Indian version of the popular Rubik’s cube, which is unique and challenging for children as well as adults. This will keep everyone off screen and engaged while playing with it.


2) Solitaire/BuddhiJal/Brainvita

Engaging children can be TASK especially with games that make them lose interest soon. Here is a classic game that promises hours of fun and helps children develop problem-solving skills.


3) Ramayana Chauka Bara

This racing game is specially designed to encourage children to develop an interest and appreciation for Indian mythology stories and Indian games. Made of cloth, with authentic wooden pawns and dice, this game is surely a unique buy!

4) Yo-Yo Spinner

A classic interesting toy that works on old-fashioned know-how &intelligence!Hours of fun guaranteed for those who play with it- children and adults!


5) 5 Stones

Our customers tell us that children enjoy playing this game the most with their grandparents as this is the game from their time. A true comeback iconic game which is played with 5 little objects which helps children develop their hand-eye coordination and is super fun to play.

6) Putt Putt Naav

A toy that reminds us of funfairs ( melas). This amazing toy is available in our online store and brings back the sweetest memories of childhood! Such indigenous, science (STEM) based toys bring immense joy and learning to children!

Well, those are just a few from our collection. To browse our entire toys and games collection visit us at

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