Buy Wooden Toys which are the Best Non-toxic Playmates for Kids

Jun 27 , 2022

Buy Wooden Toys which are the Best Non-toxic Playmates for Kids

How safe is this toy? Raise your hands if you have thought of this question while choosing a toy or a game for your own child or while gifting your loved ones.

We at Desi Toys believe that playtime is one of the most essential parts of growing up and in order to make it a happy & safe experience for families, we have selected wood as a core material for designing our toys and games.

Made of durable, good quality wood - our toys are eco-friendly, biodegradable, yield less waste than their plastic counterparts as they don’t contain PVC or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.

Additionally, we have made a conscious choice to use only non-toxic colours in our designs.

Crafted by local artists and 100%  ‘Made in India’, these wooden toys are the best non-toxic playmates for kids:

Lagori: A game of seven stones/ Sitolia / Pithu inspired by traditional India is our bestseller outdoor game. Recommended for picnics, playdates, and family get-togethers –this game will surely make you relive your childhood nostalgia. Shop here


Spinning TopYou can never go wrong with this amazing timeless wooden spinning top that has continued to provide entertainment to children across age –groups. Order here.

Wooden Tea SetThis playset is so beautifully crafted that you might want to keep it as collectable home décor in your living room. What makes this set unique is that it depicts and contains the Indian utensils for making tea at home; hence, kids can relate to it quickly in their role-playing games. Order here.

Mancala: Ditch those online games, bring home this gadget-free wooden game inspired by ancient India and watch your children apply their thinking skills as they come up with a strategy to move the stones/seeds around the game board and capture opponent's share! This game board is made of Sheesham solid wood, decorated with elaborate carvings on the top. Buy it here.

Catapult: Let your child discover the joy of playing with the classic slingshot  & develop their  S.T.E.M skills as they aim a tower of paper cups from a distance with the foam balls that come with the pack! This amazing gulel or catapult toy can be played outdoors and indoors. Shop now

Handcrafted by Indian artisans, using sustainable materials – our collection of toys and games is focused on reviving the good old classic Indian toys/games, the ones which you grew up playing.

Come discover our beautiful world of wooden toys, Made in India on our online store-