Children's Day Gifts to Surprise Your Kids with Desi Toys Store

Nov 10 , 2023

Children's Day Gifts to Surprise Your Kids with Desi Toys Store

Children are a gift and to gift them with the best of love, education, home, environment, toys and games, recreational activities, knowledge is something we all strive for; so, we gravitate towards to what offers the best quality and is safe for our child in the choices we can afford! When it comes to games and toys, it is not just important to consider the fun and learning factor but also extremely important for those products to be safe and harmless to the kid.

This Children’s Day, gift your child traditions and safety in the form of toys and games by Desi Toys that offer traditional Indian toys that will help inculcate a sense of Indianness in your child while being safe from any harmful toxins that these toxin-free toys are completely free from. Games by Desi Toys for every child in your family would be the perfect Gifts for Children Day as it offers something that has been lost over the generations, the Indian touch. Todays’ tech-savvy generation only knows video games or mobile games to be the true games but what about what we, our parents and our grandparents grew up playing with!

Those were the days when kids came together and played together and developed excellent social skills; they also played with toys that were made in India and originally had Indian names. We have come too far in technology that we have forgotten the beauty of playing with a simple toy like the Lattu/spinning top, offered by Desi Toys, and the joy it gives.

Gifting your child with the toys you and your family grew up playing with is not just a reminder to them as to where their roots are from but will also create a special bond between the child and the elders of the family when the kids play with the toys while listening to the stories about how their parents and grandparents enjoyed the same toys and games. This is probably one of the best Children's Day gifts one can give their child, a stronger bond, Indianness, reuniting with their roots!

Holding up to the Indianness, we, at Desi Toys, also offer our entire toy range in 100% plastic free products, they are either made of wood, brass and other such safe materials. Completely free of toxins, Desi Toys offers optimum safety and incredible value.