Choosing Indian Toys for Kids for Your Children

Feb 09 , 2023

Choosing Indian Toys for Kids for Your Children

A toy isn’t simply a leisure play item, it is an integral part of a child’s learning process, especially if the child tries to figure out the toy by themselves! Desi Toys is one of the top stores to buy kids toys online in India that offers games and toys that are not only entertaining but also educational; having its focus on ‘India Inspired, India Made’, this toy shop offers traditional Indian toys and games that generations of our families have grown up playing with and enjoyed. The benefits of choosing Indian toys for your kids isn’t limited to this.

In this day and age of the tech-savvy generation and digital games, we are losing the beauty of our traditional Indian toys that our grandparents used to play for hours with and, sometimes, even make on their own with pieces of wood and other safe materials they could find! Toys like Catapult/Gulel, that you can purchase on Desi Toys, that we might have seen our grandparents use to protect small crops in their backyards and also play with can not only entertain your child but also tell them a story and build a better bond with their family and bring them closer to their roots! Desi Toys’ offers cooking set toys and sets that represents the Indian kitchen well; the kitchen set and the tea set contains many items that are used in a kitchen of an Indian traditional household

Desi Toys offers Indian toys for your children that are made of materials that our traditional toys were made of back in the day; we use materials like brass and wood and offer products that are completely plastic-free as well as toxin-free. Buy kids toys online from Desi Toys to keep your child close to their roots and safe!

Desi Toys aims at teaching skills and strategies to the children through their experience with the toys. E.g., the Catapult can teach your child about aiming and target, the spinning top/Lattu allows your child to develop their hand-eye coordination better and the kitchen set and tea set, that are a part of Desi Toys’ cooking set toys, can help your child learn about one of the most important functional things in life as one can learn not only about the different items used in an Indian kitchen but also their usage, the way it works, purpose, etc.

Purchase your child’s next set of toys and see them come closer to their roots with traditional Indian toys!