Delightful Diversity: Unveiling the Best Kids Toys in India by Desi Toys

Jul 24 , 2023

Delightful Diversity: Unveiling the Best Kids Toys in India by Desi Toys

We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.” 

Children’s play is the foundation of all learning and exposure to different types of toys and games in their early childhood can help them develop different types of life-skills.

We at Desi Toys offer a wide range of classic Indian toys and Indian games inspired from traditional India which are popular even today. Every toy is designed keeping the nostalgic factor and Indianness alive making it unique.

Take a look at some of our diverse collection of educational toys that appeal to children across gender, across all age-groups

  1. Wooden kitchen set for cooking: This one is a great set of toys for both boys and girls to cook up their imagination. The combination of traditional & modern kitchenware present in this set is what makes it unique. The use of non-toxic paints is what makes it bright & safe to use for children. A perfect playdate companion. Shop here

  2. Cup Aur Gola: A simple toy that helps children develop their hand-eye coordination & concentration. Mastering this game will take a while, thus keeping the kids happily engaged for hours together. Order here

  3. Jungle Bowling Game Set: Designed to encourage active indoor play, this bowling game set comes with a soft ball and wooden pins with cute animals which makes the game all the more exciting for children. Makes for a perfect birthday party return. Get yours here
  4. Wooden Spinning Top : As the name suggests, kids will go ‘Lattu’ watching this wooden top spin. Easy to carry, can be entertain your child both indoors and outdoors too! Shop now
  5. Lagori: Known by different names across India such as Sitolia, Pitto – this classic game has been a part of every 90’s kid! Get your teams ready, this one is sure to the kids off  their “smartphones”. Order here 

    Explore a variety of  Made in India, wooden educational games and toys that make playtime meaningful and offer diverse opportunities of play to your little ones.

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