‘Desi Toys’ at ‘The India Toys Fair 2021’

Mar 15 , 2021

‘Desi Toys’ at ‘The India Toys Fair 2021’

“Desi Toys” or “Indian Toys” reminds us of the wonderful wooden and brass miniature kitchen, colorful dancing dolls, spinning tops (lattu), Gulel/Catapult and many others that were a big attraction for the kids at melas in olden times. Unfortunately, Gen Z’s kids are very much influenced by modern technology, always engaged in Video Games and hence the need to bring back these awesome, skill enhancing toys and games for them.

Recently our honorable Prime Minister inaugurated “India Toy Fair-2021” first time in India which was organized by the Government of India. The only motto behind this fair was to give a new thrust to the toy manufacturing industry of India & increase it’s global market share contributing  to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Get Vocal for Local’ Campaigns.

 Still, many online toy store brands in India already offer the best toys especially traditional Indian Toys like  Desitoys.in. Choose to buy toys online from DesiToys and it will present you widest range with the best features, specifications, skill-set, and use of toys. All the toys from ‘Desi Toys’ are lab tested with ISI marking which assures superior quality, safety and durability .


Why buy from Desi Toys Online Store

  • Desi Toys takes pride in bringing you iconic and traditional Indian toys that are safe, made from toxic-free materials so that your kid can have fun in the healthiest possible way!
  • Desi Toys have re-invented the traditional Indian toys to give the perfect blend of older wisdom and contemporary needs for children.
  • These traditional toys are designed & crafted by experienced and talented Indian artisans
  • By buying these Indian traditional toys, you are not only giving happiness to your children but supporting a lot of Atmanirbhar Bharat & Vocal for Local campaigns.


 These popular toys/games help build a multitude of skills which are essential for the holistic development. As ‘Desi Toys’ continuously innovates new products, they are committed to reviving our rich Indian heritage keeping our Indian roots alive through their products. Grownups can re-live their childhood while the younger ones can spend their playtime ‘Desi’ style with their products.

On their online site desitoys.in,  you can buy many toys from different categories like fun activity toys, kitchen pretends playset, board games, mind challenging games, and many others. So, don’t wait anymore and go buy traditional Indian toys and games today.